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Mastermind Of Illegal Mansion Parties Arrested For Armed Robbery!


Mastermind Of Illegal Mansion Parties Arrested For Armed Robbery!

Stephen Jean-Louis may have to figure out how to get the party started in in jail (PBSO photo)

WEST PALM BEACH — Stephen Jean-Louis—or, as he’s perhaps better known by his nom-de-guerre, “StephToTrill”—was arrested on Sunday for robbing a hair stylist at gunpoint.

It comes as something of a surprise that Jean-Louis would be arrested for so banal and straightforward a crime when his greater area of exposure by far is as the “party god” who masterminded a number of raucous Palm Beach County mansion parties, each of which drew hundreds of unwanted revelers to upscale neighborhoods.

Party planners learn of the vacant homes through friends and contacts and commandeer them for the bashes, spreading the word through social media.

Jean-Louis, 19, organized the recent and infamous “Palmghanistan” party in Boynton Beach, charging $5 admittance for men ($10 after 10pm) with women allowed in for free. It’s a pretty standard payment model for the mansion shindigs, and the party planners are making a killing.

“We made a couple thousand,” Jean-Louis said of the event. “The party started at 9 and ended at 10:30. We’re making what people make in a month in an hour and a half.”

Palmghanistan was one of Jean-Louis’ parties (via Twitter)

The parties commonly end early, with neighbors calling in the police to break things up.

“The underage drinking is definitely a problem and it’s just disrespectful,” said Chloe Hall, who called police in April on a rowdy party in Loxahatchee. “I think it needs to be controlled better because nobody’s stopping it really.”

“We tore up Lox for the last four months,” Jean-Louis said.

Unfortunately for the self-styled party god, his criminal acumen appears to be limited to the party realm and doesn’t extend to the area of armed robbery, a crime for which he was caught in short order.

On Friday, Jean-Louis sat for his victim for 5 hours, having dreadlock extensions added. When the stylist requested payment, the young man responded by pointing a gun at her and demanding payment from her instead. His take was $800 from her cash register, $1,500 from inside her purse and $400 on top of it for a total of $2,700.

While this turning of the tables undoubtedly seemed quite novel and clever to Jean-Louis, it turns out that robbing someone who’s had 5 hours to speak to you and study you is perhaps not the ideal crime. The stylist called police on Saturday, and Jean-Louis was taken into custody a day later. He is presently being held without bail.

What this spells for the Palm Beach mansion parties is still unknown, though Jean-Louis is hardly the only planner in the game. Typically, parties feature 2 “party gods,” a planner and a DJ. It’s hard to imagine new deities won’t filter in to fill any vacuum Jean-Louis’s incarceration leaves.

Of the parties, Jean-Louis recently said via Instragram, pre-arrest, “Best believe there will be another one.”

With easily a dozen such bashes taking place over the last year or so, he’s probably right.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. 1Ronald

    June 28, 2017 at 2:57 pm

    One look at him and there’s no surprise here. Why isn’t he in jail? For good. Probably got dissed when she told him she didn’t cut, couldn’t cut, that hair. To go elsewhere. I mean, would YOU cut that hair? I mean, really? Hairstylist or not. Yes, there are people you don’t socialize with. He’s one of them.

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