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Swimsuit Designer Bianca Elouise Shows Off Her Big White Bum!


Swimsuit Designer Bianca Elouise Shows Off Her Big White Bum!

Bianca Elouise

Swimwear designer Bianca Elouise should know that Big White Bum is not fashion forward! (Splash News photo)

SOUTH BEACH — Unfortunately for Australian swimwear designer Bianca Elouise, the Brazilian habit of thong-wearing and showing off tanned tushes just doesn’t work for white girls.

Elouise, who’s daring designs for  Myra Swim are getting all kinds of attention, spent the weekend in South Beach, showing off her fabulous figure in a series of suits that probably wouldn’t look good on anyone, because she’s gorgeous and even she couldn’t pull them off!

When a 26-year-old stunner can’t manage the suit, no one can!

Bianca Elouise

She looks like an uncomfortable robot from the future, but one with an enormous lower half! (Splash News photo)

And one nearly flew off her chest!

The worst offender was a black one piece, that from the front looked like a single, upside down triangle. The way it was cut made Elouise’s hips and thighs look enormous!

Imagine what it would do to a regular woman’s body!

Bianca Elouise

And, she’s gorgeous! (Splash News photo)

And then there was a a two piece with a sweetheart tie top and another pair of high-waisted thong bikini bottoms.

Bianca Elouise

This is just the worst! (Splash News photo)

Not sure how they do things down under, but stateside, we want our bathing suits to make us look good.

Elouise did don one suit that was flattering. Check out her profile in this low-cut, high-cut one-piece black number.

Bianca Elouise

This one-piece suit was much more flattering from the front (Splash News photo)

The suit was flattering from the front and from the side.

Bianca Elouise

There’s not too much suit to that suit (Splash News photo)

But when she turned to the back, the same old problems returned!

Bianca Elouise

No matter how you slice it, that is a whole lot of white butt (Splash News photo)

It’s clear Elouise is a beautiful girl, is it just that the bathing suits aren’t well designed?

She narrowly avoided a wardrobe malfunction as the top for a fourth bathing suit, a nude bikini, popped off.

Luckily, Elouise was able to keep her top on.

Bianca Elouise

Think I’ll be skipping Myra Swim this season (Splash News photo)

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. 1Ronald

    June 26, 2017 at 3:02 pm

    You’ve got that right, Vada. She sure is doing that. And then some. And now it’s time to stop typing before I no longer can resist the urge to get cheeky. I believe I do see somewhere there an attempt at a tanga. But, I agree with Vada. It’s something about the design that’s lacking. But it’s hard to design something that’s going to showcase a derriere that needs showcasing but in the right way if there is a right way here.

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