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Face-Eating Austin Harrouff’s Jail Phone Calls Released!


Face-Eating Austin Harrouff’s Jail Phone Calls Released!

Florida State University fraternity boy Austin Harrouff’s jail calls have just been released(via Facebook)

STUART — Florida’s face-biting frat boy is back in the news, this time with prosecutors releasing dozens of his phone calls from jail and entering them into evidence.

Harrouff speaks primarily about his struggles adjusting to solitary confinement and the anxiety it raises in him.

I’m scared about the future,” Harrouff told his father. “I’m walking around in my cell a lot, just pacing.”

Harrouff, of course, is infamous for the double murder last year of John Stevens and his wife, Michelle Mishcon Stevens, who were attacked by Harrouff seemingly without motive in the garage of their Jupiter home.

Harrouff went on to gnaw on his deceased victim’s face before being taken down and arrested by police.

One exchange between Harrouff and his father, Dr. Wade Harrouff, seemed to suggest the alleged killer had been making incriminating drawings.

Austin Harrouff and his father Wade Harrouff in an undated photo before the deadly attack that landed Austin in the hospital (via Facebook)

“I don’t want you drawing anything anymore,” the elder Harrouff told his son. “You talk to Brandon about that?”

“Yeah,” Austin responded, “I ripped it all up and threw it away.”

“You got to be strong here,” Austin’s father went on, “and remember: Don’t talk to anybody about anything, about the past.”

Testing established that Harrouff was not on any sort of drugs when he killed John and Michelle Stevens. His lawyers are characterizing mental illness, instead, as the cause of the attacks.

Austin Harrouff, lookied noticeably thinner after spending two months in the hospital (Martin County Jail photo)

Harrouff’s father cautions care about revealing too much throughout the phone calls.

“We got to be careful about things,” he told Austin. “I can’t emphasize this enough.”

When Austin assures him that he understands, his father reiterates: “You don’t go talking to them about the bad times.”

His concern is probably warranted. Austin has shown a penchant for loose lips, granting a Skype interview to bottom-feeding Dr. Phil. The young-man-turned-killer didn’t exactly put his best foot forward, appearing to reference an imaginary person called “Daniel.”

Austin seems to be cognizant of his mental difficulties, asking his father in another phone call, “Are you getting me a therapist or anything?”

The younger Harrouff, as it turns out, may not be getting a therapist, but according to his father, he’ll be getting “a Bible” and “the best lawyer [his father] can buy.”

Austin’s father, in this same call, praised his son for staying tight-lipped of late.

“I’m real proud of you,” he said, “how you didn’t answer any questions.”

Among the calls released were also conversations Harrouff had with his mother, whom he told, “I just want to go outside and be with you guys … it’s just so hard to get used to.”

Austin Harrouff and his mother Mina (via Facebook)

“Austin, I know,” she replied. “Be strong.”

Harrouff requested reading and writing material from his family, apparently desperate for something to keep himself busy in solitary.

His boredom will be alleviated in any event in July, when he attends his next hearing.

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