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“I Can’t Do It” Overwhelmed Mother Arrested After She Gives Her Son To Strangers At A Restaurant!


“I Can’t Do It” Overwhelmed Mother Arrested After She Gives Her Son To Strangers At A Restaurant!

Amber Warner isn’t going to win Mother of the Year 2017 (via Facebook)

VERO BEACH — An overwhelmed 31-year-old Vero Beach woman was arrested and charged with unlawful desertion of a child after she left her 2-year-old son with two strangers leaving a restaurant.

According to police, Amber Warner approached a couple exiting Kountry Kitchen, a popular breakfast place in Vero Beach about 9 a.m. on Friday morning.

She had her toddler in her arms and told the couple, “I can’t do it” and “placed the child down on the ground in front of the couple, got into a black truck and left the parking lot,” according to the Vero Beach Police Department.

Kountry Kitchen is not where you leave your Kids (via

Police were able to locate the truck and arrest Warner who was charged with the unlawful desertion of a child, resisting arrest without violence and resisting the arresting officer during transport.

Police say Amber Warner attempted to give her kid to strangers exiting a breakfast joint (Vero Beach Police Department photo)

Warner’s Facebook profile picture is a photo of her and her son, and she writes: “im taken by the sweetest man ever my son… love life and will only keep climbing..”

Florida has Safe Haven laws that allow parents to leave their child with emergency personnel if they don’t feel they can take care of their kid, but they’re only in effect until the child is seven days old.

Maybe we should rethink those laws.

1 Comment

1 Comment


    September 4, 2017 at 11:29 pm

    It’s sad that she would leave her child with strangers, but on the other hand, it’s better than beating the child. There are many children that have been beaten to death by overwhelmed parents. Maybe leaving to cool off was the best thing she could have done in that moment. She needs help for sure. It never should have come to a crisis point like that for a normal balanced individual. Who knows what she’s dealing with…maybe drug abuse.

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