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Donald Trump’s Childhood Home Available For Rent, CHEAP!


Donald Trump’s Childhood Home Available For Rent, CHEAP!

Donald Trump's childhood home

Donald Trump’s childhood home in Queens is up for rent (MLS photo)

PALM BEACH — You may not be able to spend a night in the Lincoln bedroom, but for $4,000 a month, you can sleep where little Donald Trump slept when he was a child.

That’s a chilling thought!

The five-bedroom house in Queens, New York, where Trump lived until he was four years old was purchased at auction for $2.14 million just days before his inauguration.

It’s unclear exactly who the buyer is, it could even be Palm Beach‘s Trump himself, but a company going by the name Trump Birth House has put the house on the rental market.

Oddly enough, the Trump name doesn’t seem to be worth much in Queens.

Even though we’re sure the house’s most famous former resident would call the house the most “tremendous” house that a president was ever raised in, it’s renting for same price as other five-bedroom houses in the neighborhood.

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