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TV NEWS: Louis Aguirre Comes Home, Picks WPLG Over Rival WSVN!


TV NEWS: Louis Aguirre Comes Home, Picks WPLG Over Rival WSVN!

Louis Aguirre

TV personality Louis Aguirre returns home in September to an anchorman’s gig at WPLG-Channel 10 (Facebook photo)

MIAMI — Former WSVN-Channel 7 personality Louis Aguirre, who left Miami three years ago to take over as co-anchor of the tabloid show The Insider, is coming home.

Aguirre, 50, is set to return to the local market as anchor and reporter at WPLG-Channel 10, according to station officials.

He is due to start in September, both as co-anchor of the 4:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. news shows then as reporter at 11 p.m.

Bert Medina, the boss of the ABC affiliate, saluted Aguirre’s return by pointing out Aguirre started out at WPLG in 1989, right after he graduated from University of Miami. Aguirre stayed with the station for three years before moving on to extremist propaganda medium Fox News Channel then WSVN.

“We are thrilled to welcome Louis back to South Florida,” Medina said.

The permanently sun-tanned Aguirre was one of the best known Miami boob-tubers when he left Channel 7’s Deco Drive in 2014 for LaLaLand.

Louis Aguirre

Former Deco Drive host Louis Aguirre, doing what everybody was doing in Miami on the Fourth of July last year (Click on the photo for more)

He has co-anchored the CBS-produced The Insider alongside Debbie Matenopolous since then, but that ride is about to end: The network announced it would cease production in September after 13 seasons.

While no official reason has been given, The Insider never garnered the ratings of grittier staples Access Hollywood and Inside Edition.

In Miami, Aguirre will take over the anchor’s chair scheduled to be vacated by Victor Oquendo, who’s moving to ABC News.

Aguirre tells us it feels right to come home because it’s not like he ever left Miami. To start with, he’s been flying back to South Florida at least once a month.

“I moved away several times in my career, but Miami is like a giant magnet,” he said. “It’s where I feel the love, where the people I love all live. Even when I left this time, I left with one foot firmly planted in the 305. I knew I’d be back.”

Aguirre said he can’t think of a better place than WPLG to start anew, even if he first called WSVN.

“When I first heard of what was happening with The Insider, I called WSVN to give them the courtesy of the first call. They’re my family. I was there for 11 years. But everything is timing in life. The universe compelled me to take the job at WPLG. It’s full circle for me. That’s where I started.”

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