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Casey Anthony’s Childhood Home In Foreclosure!


Casey Anthony’s Childhood Home In Foreclosure!

The Orlando house where Casey Anthony grew up and allegedly killed her daughter Caylee could be seized by a bank (Google photo)

ORLANDO — As if they hadn’t suffered enough, the parents of pariah Casey Anthony are facing the seizure of their home in Orlando by U.S. Bank.

George and Cynthia Anthony were sued in may in an Orange County court for allegedly failing to make payments on their mortgage since January 2011 — five months before the start of the famous trial where the 31-year-old Casey Anthony was found not guilty of killing her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.

Incidentally, the modest 1,500-square-foot house at 4937 Hopespring Drive in the Chickasaw Oaks area of the city is where Anthony grew up, and where she lived with infant Caylee until early June 2008, two weeks before the toddler vanished.

Actually, authorities believed Caylee died at the home sometimes in mid-June 2008.

U.S. Bank claims the couple’s monthly payments of $394.64 have not been paid in over six years.

Their 30-year mortgage dates back from 2005, according to court papers, and banks moved to foreclose twice before. Each time, however, the couple re-negotiated the loan.

George and Cynthia Anthony (Orlando Sentinel photo)

By now, the pair owe $128,000 plus interests.

If the Anthonys don’t turn up the money soon, the bank will force the sale of the house that’s been theirs since 1989, according to records. They bought it for $90,000, property records show.

Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony, earlier this year in her West Palm Beach home (AP photo)

Casey now lives in West Palm Beach, in the El Cid house of the private investigator who helped her convince the jury of her innocence. She’s estranged from dad George, whom she once accused of the murder.

In April, George Anthony said in an interview that Caylee had accidentally drowned in the home’s pool was ‘bulls***’ He no longer speaks to her and vowed he never will again.

He said he believes that Caylee died after being given drugs by Casey to make her sleep.

“I believe she gave her something. Yeah, that’s just my beliefs,’ he said. ‘From what I understand it was street drugs and also illegal drugs, some of it was the Xanax-type thing.”

Mom Cynthia still speaks to Casey and has said she was happy with the acquittal.

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