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PBSO Mugshots Show What A Life Of Crime Can Do To Your Face!


PBSO Mugshots Show What A Life Of Crime Can Do To Your Face!

Robert Hardister, eight years ago and today (PBSO, Splash News photos)

WEST PALM BEACH — They say the sun takes a toll on your face, but not even the ultraviolet South Florida rays could cause the kind of changes seen in this habitual offender’s Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office mugshots!

Robert Hardister, of Stuart, has been arrested more than half a dozen times by PBSO, and nearly each time time he’s shown them a new face — and a new face tattoo!

Now, he’s been picked up for allegedly dealing drugs out of a stolen car in St. Augustine and there doesn’t seem to be an square inch on his face where he could add to the ink.

Eight years ago, in one of Hardister’s early mugs, he was an adorable floppy-haired kid who looked a lot like Jim from The Office.

But his face has totally transformed since then.

Soon, the face tattoos started showing up in the mugshots. First, there’s a teardrop under his right eye and neck tattoos.

Robert Hardister with a teardrop and neck tattoos (PBSO photo)

Not too much later, the single teardrop was replaced by a large star and three small stars. And his entire face is framed with filagree, writing and the letter “F.”

That teardrop turned to stars (PBSO photo)

His eyebrow and lip have been pierced and he’s got more neck tattoos.

His next mugshot shows him with what appear to be lightning bolts between his eyebrows and tattoos on his ears.

Now, it’s going to be a hard to get a job looking like that (PBSO photo)

And then it just gets crazy. He shaves off his eyebrows, has area code “772” emblazoned on his chin along with a spade. He had the words dead tattooed on his head and his forehead is blackened with ink.

This is not the face of a happy man (PBSO photo)

When he was picked up for a probation violation in July 2016, he most of the area of his face had been colored in, including the bottom half of his nose, and his lips bore two X’s.

His is certainly an unforgettable face (PBSO photo)

It’s hard to tell if Hardister’s gotten any more ink, just as it’s hard to tell what design he was going for with all the facial ink.

He was last arrested in October in Palm Beach County for motor vehicle grand theft, possession of a controlled substance and resisting an officer.

One gets the sense this story isn’t going to end well.

Hardister’s last mugshot from PBSO (PBSO photo)

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