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Tiger Woods Has Lowest World Ranking of His Career!


Tiger Woods Has Lowest World Ranking of His Career!

Tiger Woods DUI

Former No. 1 has slipped to No. 899. Ouch! (Splash News photo)

JUPITER — It’s tough times for Tiger Woods. It was only a week ago that the 41-year-old golf pro had his DUI incident where police found him asleep at the wheel of his pricey and banged-up Mercedes and placed him under arrest. Now, adding insult to injury, Woods has been dealt a professional blow as well.

This week saw the release of the latest official world rankings for golfers, and Woods came in at a whopping number 899—a career low for the once-unstoppable golf legend.

The personal worst was only one slot lower than the ranking Woods occupied in early December of 2016, when the beleaguered golfer entered the 2016 Hero World Challenge in the 898th position. He wasn’t there long, though; immediately after the challenge, his ranking took a giant 248-spot leap (despite him finishing only 15th out of he 17-player tournament).

Whether Woods will again be able to shed his low ranking in such short order remains to be seen, though the odds are against it. Tiger is expected to be out of the action for the rest of the season owing to his latest surgery, and his ranking will probably only suffer further as a result.

Even in the wake of the DUI incident, Woods was hopeful about a return to golf, even if it was going to be an uphill climb.

According to testing, Woods was not drunk at the time of his DUI, but by his own admission he was taking strong prescription drugs—such as Torix and Vicodin—mainly to combat his health difficulties of recent years. Woods has undergone a number of medical procedures, most notably for his knee and his back, and apparently still requires pharmaceutical aid.

As a golfer who’s spent much of his storied career at the number 1 ranking (including as recently as 2013), placing at 899 has to come as a bitter pill for the struggling Woods.

While a comeback may seem a far-reaching goal at this point, Woods has demonstrated in the past that he should never be counted out. Next season could very well bear watching.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Steven Soderman

    June 7, 2017 at 4:21 pm

    Love it! Take your 3/4’s of a billion and go F yourself. Karma takes a victory lap.

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