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EXCLUSIVE — WIOD Radio Replaces Liberal Host Fernand Amandi With Donald Trump Apologist Brian Mudd!


EXCLUSIVE — WIOD Radio Replaces Liberal Host Fernand Amandi With Donald Trump Apologist Brian Mudd!

Fernand Amandi

Fernand Amandi is off the air (via MSNBC)

MIAMI — When Miami’s NewsRadio WIOD-AM 610 canned talkshow host Fernand Amandi earlier this week, station manager Grace Blazer must’ve thought her listeners are really, really stupid.

Amandi’s firing a year short of the end of his three-year contract, she said, was a “cost-cutting” measure.

What a crock!

Amandi’s radio job was a part-time gig to complement his full-time work as political consultant. A source deep inside Blazer’s crew tells me Amandi made about $5,000 a month.


Blazer spectacularly failed to announce Amandi’s replacement, and it makes it really clear that WIOD, the property of the failing iHeart network, is taking an even sharper turn to the right.

Starting at 10 a.m. Tuesday instead of Amandi is Brian Mudd, a whiny ultra-conservative Rush Limbaugh wannabe whose claim to fame is that he replaces Sean Hannity on his radio show when Hannity doesn’t feel like entertaining the dumb-as-dirt.

Brian Mudd

Brian Mudd has replaced Fernand Amandi (via YouTube)

Mudd, however, is at ease with the deplorables — and WIOD will pipe his West Palm Beach program through as if he were in a Miami studio.

Neither Mudd, whose main job now is to apologize constantly for President Donald Trump‘s amateur-hour governing style on West Palm Beach’s WJNO-AM 1290, nor Blazer returned calls and emails for comment.

Amandi, meanwhile, got lawyered up and is thinking about suing WIOD.

“Fernand’s firing has nothing to do with cutting costs,” said Norm Kent, Amandi’s attorney and the man who once represented radio star Neil Rogers. “His salary was far from breaking the bank. This is nothing short of censorship and it’s definitely a breach of contract.

“In Democratic South Florida, the only liberal talkshow host has been fired.”

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