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PHOTOS — Valeria Orsini And Tao Wickrath Are Making It HOT!


PHOTOS — Valeria Orsini And Tao Wickrath Are Making It HOT!

Valeria Orsini and Tao Wickrath

Colombian fitness model Valeria Orsini and French model Tao Wickrath show off their Miami summer beach bodies poolside (Splash News photo)

MIAMI — Models Valeria Orsini and Tao Wickrath are putting the hot into hot Florida summer — and it’s only May!

The two gorgeous stunners were showing off their bikini bodies poolside in Miami, and no one’s going to call these the dog days of summer!

Orsini is a blonde Colombian, Italian and Puerto Rican fitness model with 4.2 million Instagram followers.

Wickrath, is a brunette stunner who’s still building her following, but she’s grabbed on to the right shapely coattails of Orsini.

Valeria Orsini and Tao Wickrath

Those are some shapely coattails! (Splash News photo)

Because the 27-year-old Orsini’s making a splash in a big way.

A Body By Orsini billboard just went up in Times Square and last year Maxim featured here in an article entitled, “Stop what you’re doing and follow Valeria Orsini on Instagram: This is Georgia peach is the most delicious thing you’ll take in today.”

True, Orsini was born in Atlanta. But, she moved to Miami when she was two, and by Florida standards, that makes her a native!

Valeria Orsini and Tao Wickrath

One blonde and one brunette, that’s what gentlemen really prefer! (Splash News photo)

She studied Occupational Therapy at Keiser University.

But she’s best known for her curvy, muscular figure which has earned her modeling gigs with H&M and covers of Lifestyle and Mixed Magazine.

And why wouldn’t it? It ain’t easy getting hard muscles and keeping those soft curves.

What’s Orsini’s secret? Muay Thai, or Thai boxing, a 16th century  martial art that is coming into vogue. Orsini fits in four or five training sessions a week.

Victoria’s Secret model Gracie Carvalho is also a Muay Thai boxer. Carvalho has actually worked her way up to being a Muay Thai master.

And to think models of yesteryear got by with aerobics and thigh masters!

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