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EXCLUSIVE — PBSO Reviews Behavior Of Deputy Toward Black Civilian In Gossip Extra Video!


EXCLUSIVE — PBSO Reviews Behavior Of Deputy Toward Black Civilian In Gossip Extra Video!

PBSO brutality

PBSO deputy Yordan Perez is now under investigation after he grabbed Aaron Dorvilus for no apparent reason last week. Dorvilus was arrested yesterday (Gossip Extra video)

flag-exclusiveLAKE WORTH — The PBSO deputy filmed allegedly roughing up a black, retreating civilian last week in Lake Worth is under Internal Affairs probe, Gossip Extra has learned.

And the civilian, who refused to give that Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office deputy his ID, was mysteriously arrested yesterday and charged with an unrelated felony.

It’s yet another story you’ll only find only on Gossip Extra.

The internal probe was launched after we posted a video (below) of Deputy Yordan Perez looking like a Central American paramilitary commander as he demanded Aaron Dorvilus‘ ID in the 15th Avenue South area of Lake Worth.

The video clearly showed Perez did not appear to have enough of a reason to demand any documentation although it’s hinted that Dorvilus may have said something to Perez and his partner as they cruised by in their unmarked PBSO car:

The incident where Perez laid his hands on Dorvilus twice as Dorvilus walked away is now under Internal Affairs review, PBSO Spokeswoman Teri Barbera said.

The video, which popped up about the same time as the announcement that PBSO will pay the family of a dead civilian $2.5 million, shows insults from bystanders pouring onto the aggressive deputy as he returns to his car.

Barbera identified the deputy as Yordan Perez. He remains on active duty during the probe.

According to records, Perez came on the force in early 2014 and appears to be well respected.

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Last year, Sheriff Ric Bradshaw‘s publicity machine featured Perez for his big heart. The deputy responded to a burglary call where the specially-designed computer of a blind woman was stolen. So Perez went out the next day and bought a new computer for the woman out of his own pocket.

Dorvilus, meanwhile, has had a tough go of it since Gossip Extra.published the video. A neighborhood source tells me the 20-year-old has had several more run-ins with deputies over the past week, culminating in his arrest in the same area as last week’s incident.

Aaron Dorvilus, who was allegedly harassed by a PBSO deputy last week, was arrested yesterday as the incident with the deputy is being investigated by Internal Affairs (PBSO photo)

While the charging papers are not currently available, records show Dorvilus is accused of committing felony battery on a law enforcement official, resisting an officer with violence and obstructing justice. He ‘s out on $11,000-bond.

Until yesterday, Dorvilus had no criminal record in Palm Beach County.

Here is the video of yesterday’s arrest:

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