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Cash Me Outside Teen Danielle Bregoli to Embark on National Tour!


Cash Me Outside Teen Danielle Bregoli to Embark on National Tour!

Danielle Bregoli

Danielle Bregoli’s taking her show on the road (via Instagram)

BOYNTON BEACH — Odd as at may seem, 14-year-old Danielle Bregoli, better known to fans and critics alike as the “Cash Me Outside” girl, is finalizing a contract to embark on a national tour.

Of course, tours are normally received for musicians, theater companies, authors, or others with some sort of discernible talent.

Bregoli falls into no such category.

The Boynton Beach native rose to public prominence solely on the strength of her September 2016 appearance as an out-of-control teen on Dr. Phil, on which she challenged an audience member to fight by using her soon-to-be catch-phrase, “Cash me outside!”

Danielle Bregoli

The joke’s on us! (via Instagram)

What, then, will the troubled teen do to entertain audiences on the “Cash Me Outside” tour?

The current plan is for Bregoli to lip sync and rap along with some of her favorite tunes (cringe!), answer questions from the audience and have fans come onto the stage to “joke around.”

It’s difficult to imagine this going well, since Bregoli isn’t the sort of compelling figure for whom lots of deep questions spring to mind, and the notion of sell-out appearances for the tour seems dubious at best. If she’s somehow able to pull it off, though, she could be pulling down as much as $50,000 per show.

Danielle Bregoli

Are people going to pay to watch her do that? (via Instagram)

The family seems committed to make the most of Bregoli’s 15 minutes of fame. In addition to the national tour, they also recently announced that Bregoli would be starring in her own reality TV show.

Beefing up the lame-sounding performance will be “established acts” making cameo appearances. Bregoli’s team must have something in mind, but again, it’s hard to imagine anyone with any actual star-power wanting to be associated with this project.

If nothing else, Bregoli is prepared it the shows don’t go well. The one talent she seems to have is getting mileage out of a hostile crowd.

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