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FLORIDA Man Tries To Kiss Rattlesnake, Gets Bitten On The Tongue!


FLORIDA Man Tries To Kiss Rattlesnake, Gets Bitten On The Tongue!

Hey, howza bout a kiss? (via NatGeo)

PALATKA — There’s stupid and then there’s Florida stupid. And, Ron Reinolds, who’s in critical condition after getting bitten on the tongue by a rattlesnake he was trying to kiss, is Floriduh stupid.

Only in this state, folks. Or maybe West Virginia.

Here’s the scoop: Reinolds who lives in Putnam County‘s rural Bostwick, across the St. John’s River from St. Augustine, had a neighbor who caught himself an eastern diamondback rattlesnake.

And the neighbor put the 3-foot-snake in a bucket and planned to release it back into the woods.

But, Reinolds asked if he could have the snake, and the neighbor, being neighborly said sure.

And that’s when things went bad.

Reinolds and a group of others, because you can’t do this kind of stupid solo, started playing with the snake, who must’ve been mad he’d been kept in a bucket for a couple of days.

Then, Reinolds tried to kiss the snake, because who else are you going to date in that part of Florida and, not surprisingly, the snake bit him on the tongue.

WJXT in Jacksonville obtained a copy of the 911 call made to police by a woman who drove by after Reinolds was bitten. In the tape, Reinolds and whoever was with him desperately clung to the snake.

Here’s a transcript:

Female Caller : There’s this young man here on Jamey Lane and there’s a gentleman that told me he just got bit by a diamondback rattlesnake. There’s another gentleman carrying it. And he’s saying on the tongue and he’s bleeding from the mouth. There’s another man carrying the rattlesnake and they look like they might — they are going to need some help here. And I’m getting scared.

911 Dispatcher: “Yes ma’am. I understand. I’m sending rescue now for the man who was bitten.”

Female Caller: “She’s sending rescue. All right.”

911 Dispatcher: “Ma’am, I need you to answer a couple more questions before I let you go. Where is the man who was bitten?”

Female Caller: “He’s sitting here on the side of the road, and he’s pounding on my car door and I’ve got it locked. And there’s another man carrying the snake in the road.”

911: “Can you tell him to drop the snake? Why is he carrying the snake?”

Female Caller: “I don’t know. I’m not rolling down my windows. My doors are locked in my car. I’m starting to get very frightened. I’m going to tell this guy to have a seat here. He’s hanging onto my car door.”

The poor lady then repeatedly asks the man to drop the snake: “”Drop the snake. On the road. Drop it! Oh my. Drop it!”

The man doesn’t want to do. Maybe it was because that kiss really meant something, or who knows why someone holds onto a rattlesnake.

It’s a Floriduh thing!

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