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OMG! Spoiled Boca Teen Nearly Has Helicopter Entrance to Sweet Sixteen Party Nixed by Trump’s No-Fly Zones!


OMG! Spoiled Boca Teen Nearly Has Helicopter Entrance to Sweet Sixteen Party Nixed by Trump’s No-Fly Zones!

Donald Trump

These days, everyone’s blaming everything on Trump (AP photo)

BOCA RATON — Much has been made of the many trips President Donald Trump has taken to South Florida since his inauguration, with residents peeved that they might have to pay higher taxes to cover the costly visits.

None have been quite so impassioned in their disapproval, though, as Boca Raton teen star Dy’mond from the premiere of MTV’s My Super Sweet Sixteen.

“The president can’t come to town,” Dy’mond insisted on the show. “He’ll ruin my party.”

The teen was planning an elaborate 16th birthday bash with a diamond theme and an entrance for the guest of honor by helicopter.

Poor Dy’mond, the President’s plans might interfere with her birthday party, boo hoo! (via MTV)

Dy’mond’s mother was reluctant to go quite so overboard for her daughter’s party, but Dad was determined to make it happen. The problem? President Trump’s frequent trips to West Palm Beach imposed a no-fly zone on nearby Boca Raton, which spelled doom for the helicopter plans.

“There might be some issues with the helicopter,” Dy’mond’s father explained to her. “The president’s in town. It’s a no-fly zone. It’s for security. So we may not be able to get that.”

Seriously? Pouting like that because no helicopter? (via MTV)

“We have to get this,” Dy’mond replied as the MTV cameras filmed the drama.

Her exasperated father could only offer: “Dy’mond, he’s been coming in every weekend since he became president.”

Trump’s preference for his Mar-a-Lago resort over the White House during the colder months was no secret, with the president repeatedly mounting the pricey expeditions despite condemnation from detractors who called the trips expensive and unnecessary.

Critics were also quick to point out the hypocrisy in Trump’s many golf indulgences at the resort following so shortly on the heels of Trump’s own criticisms of President Barack Obama for occasionally taking some time to golf for leisure.

As far as Dy’mond was concerned, the Donald could skip a weekend.

“I need the helicopter,” she asserted, “because that is going to set my party.”

Once again, her father was forced into the positions of making the counterpoint.

“OK, but talking to the pilot, they can’t fly,” he said. “It’s out of their hands.”

In a camera confessional for the show, Dy’mond gave her perspective as she came to grips with the new sensation of possibly having to take “no” for an answer.

She just can’t figure out why she can’t have everything she wants (via MTV)

“In my head, there’s no other entrance better than a helicopter,” she explained simply.

Fortunately for the catered-to teen (and her poor, browbeaten father), the party happened to fall on one of the weekends where Trump’s visits began to taper off, and she was able to have her helicopter entrance after all. All went according to plan, and the party guests cheered wildly as the aircraft touched down to let out the birthday girl.

“[It] worked just the way I wanted it to,” she told the show of her grand entrance. “If I could rate my party on a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate it a 12.”

Of course, with a diamond-themed party, a mine cart might have been a more appropriate conveyance than a helicopter, but as so often happens with such things, glitz took precedence over realism.

In that, at least, Dy’mond and Trump can find common ground.

In the end, the little brat was able to arrive to her party in a helicopter, because life’s just not fair (via MTV)

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