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VIDEO — ‘Drunk’ Old Florida Woman Goes On Racist Rant


VIDEO — ‘Drunk’ Old Florida Woman Goes On Racist Rant

Unfortunately, this is what most people think when they think Florida! (via YouTube)

MIAMI — A drunk old Florida woman channeled her angry, inner white guy and let loose a racist stream of consciousness rant on Latino man and his girlfriend because she didn’t want them fishing in her Miami neighborhood.

And because there is a small smidgen of justice in this world, the whole thing was caught on cellphone video.

This woman doesn’t want you fishing in her neighborhood (via YouTube)

Alexander Diaz, a Latino man, was out for a day of fishing — albeit in a neighborhood where he didn’t live — when he and his girlfriend were verbally assaulted by a drunk-seeming woman who couldn’t get the racist remarks out of her mouth fast enough.

The woman starts by telling Diaz’s girlfriend that if she doesn’t live in the neighborhood, she shouldn’t be fishing there.

Diaz, who’s bilingual, spoke only in Spanish to the woman as he recorded two minutes of why Florida has the reputation is does.

Alexander Diaz (via YouTube)

Things quickly escalate and the old red-headed woman with long witchy fingernails followed them down the street: “Get the f**k out! Do you know what that means?”

When Diaz says something to the camera in English, the woman amps it up and says: “You speak English, you stupid … you stupid f**king Cuban … This is for residents only.”

Alexander Diaz being chased by this old lady (via YouTube)

His girlfriend, who’s getting a kick out of the whole thing is the woman’s next target.

“Look at you laughing, you stupid f**king whore. What are you, black or white?”

The girlfriend replies: “What the f**k does it matter?”

“It f**king matters,” the woman says.

And, because the woman wants to make sure her point gets across, she adds: “Cubans are nothing but pieces of s**t to Americans,” and gets real close to Diaz and says “Get out of here.”

There’s true desperation in this racist old woman’s rant (via YouTube)

Diaz exclaims: “Oh my God, the alcohol on this bitch’s breath!”

Diaz posted the video on Saturday and wrote: “All cuz me and my girlfriend were fishing in a neighborhood were we didn’t live. Goes to show how fucked up this world is not matter where you live.Never in a million years did I as a pure 100% American would be treated like this, just to to think what people go thru everyday cuz of there color or language. Wow MIAMI SUNNY PLACE SHADY PEOPLE!”

See the video below:

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