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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO — Aggressive PBSO Street Deputy Nearly Starts Riot In Lake Worth!


EXCLUSIVE VIDEO — Aggressive PBSO Street Deputy Nearly Starts Riot In Lake Worth!

flag-exclusiveLAKE WORTH — A PBSO deputy’s encounter with a group of young black men standing outside a home nearly turned into a riot on 15th Avenue South Friday evening in Lake Worth.

And, of course, only Gossip Extra has the footage!

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputy, who refused to identify himself, is known to patrol in an unmarked squad car on the lookout for drug and street crime.

A source in the famously tough neighborhood who saw the exchange said the Hispanic deputy and his white partner stopped their car in front of the house, where a half-dozen young black men were shooting the breeze.

From the deputy says early on, one of the men appears to have shouted insults to the deputies as they cruised by.

As our exclusive 6-minute-15-second video shows, the deputy starts out by asking if they live inside the house. A man standing next to the person filming the encounter tells the deputy he lives in the house but can’t prove it because he doesn’t have his ID on him.

Sheriff Ric Bradshaw‘s Hispanic deputy then approaches him saying “he don’t get to play around” and continues to demand ID without telling his target why.

Within 30 seconds, the encounter degenerates as the deputy grabs the resident by the throat and pushes him against a wall as the resident tried to walk away.

The resident’s friends instantly get heated up, and start questioning the deputy’s partner, who’s obviously trying to distance himself from his fellow PBSO deputy by apologizing.

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The aggressive deputy — a short man who spends quite a bit of time in the weight room, Sheriff Bradshaw’s favorite type — is then filmed putting his hands on another man while trying to reach the resident. He appears to reach for a weapon with his left hand but changes his mind.

There’s a lot of shouting, with the resident who was first grabbed by the deputy screaming “fucking cop, man!” as he is being held back.

The aggressive deputy, whose gear looks more like a soldier than a law enforcement agent, then follows the resident into an alley next to the house and continues mouthing off, refusing to identify himself and give his badge number.

“I didn’t pull a gun or anything like that,” jaws the deputy as he starts backing away under a shower of insults, including “pussy.”

He does tell the men there’s a “no trespassing” sign by the house and was simply trying to figure if someone was trespassing. He also tells the men: “When you walk towards the police in a violent way, this is what you get.”

The squad car eventually pulls away as jeers continue.

“That ain’t right, man,” a witness told us today. “The guy broke so many PBSO policies, he’s gonna be suspended for weeks.”

We sent a copy of the video to PBSO and requested to find out the identity of the aggressive deputy.

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