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LAWYER: It’s Time For Scarface, Ray Donovan Actor Steven Bauer To Cough Up The $10K He Owes Me!


LAWYER: It’s Time For Scarface, Ray Donovan Actor Steven Bauer To Cough Up The $10K He Owes Me!

Steven Bauer and Al Pacino in Scarface (via IMFDB)

MIAMI — Fans of Scarface aren’t the only ones happy that former Miami resident Steven Bauer found success again, with his fifth season in the Showtime series Ray Donovan set to premiere in August.

There’s also local lawyer Lourdes Santiago, who represented the actor in a traffic ticket and other legal work more than 10 years ago.

Bauer, according to the court papers, has yet to make good on Santiago’s original retainer of $5,460.

With additional attorney’s fees and interests, the amount she claims Bauer owes her now has ballooned to nearly $9,200, according to Miami-Dade County court records.

And Santiago’s asking a judge for a writ of garnishment, a document that would give her permission to grab some of Bauer’s Showtime earnings.

According to the papers, Santiago didn’t think she’d ever be able to collect because, let’s face it, Bauer’s career wasn’t really ablaze after he played Tony Montana’s long-suffering bestie opposite Al Pacino in Scarface in 1983.

There was an occasional role like his role as the drug lord in the movie Traffic in 2000, and in two episodes of Breaking Bad.

So when Santiago sued Bauer for her money in 2008, the actor first agreed to a payment plan where he’d send her $200 a month.

According to an email Bauer wrote to Santiago that year, he couldn’t afford to pay more.

“I’m unemployed at the present, and last year was terrible for my career and my finances,” the email included in the file reads.

Steven Bauer’s new role on Ray Donovan (via Parade)

In her most recent filing, Santiago writes: “(Bauer) made the first payment and thereafter made no other attempt to pay.”

Then, 2013 and the premiere of Ray Donovan happened, and the 60-year-old Bauer’s former-Mossad-agent-turned-PI was welcomed with open arms by the series’ fans.

And the dough started rolling in again.

“The defendant (Bauer) has the ability to pay his debt,” Santiago wrote in her motion for the writ.

The voice mail on Bauer’s cellphone is full and he couldn’t be reached for comment.

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