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EXCLUSIVE — Sex-Soaked Secret Double Life Of Terra Group Developer Pedro Martin Exposed In Court Papers … Tycoon Juggled Wife Of 41 Years And Young Buxom Mistress!


EXCLUSIVE — Sex-Soaked Secret Double Life Of Terra Group Developer Pedro Martin Exposed In Court Papers … Tycoon Juggled Wife Of 41 Years And Young Buxom Mistress!

Johanna Vibe Ener: The other woman in the secret love triangle that Terra Group founder Pedro Martin has been involved in for eight years (Johanna Vibe Ever photo)

flag-exclusiveMIAMI — For eight years Pedro Martin, who founded a Miami condo-building machine that made him a multi-millionaire, managed to keep his two lives from intersecting.

On one side was his wife of 41 years and constant companion at polite-society functions, and his adult children who helped him found the Terra Group, builder of thousands of condos in downtown Miami locales were no one else saw opportunity.

On the other is his 40-year-old mistress, a very blonde, very buxom Finland-born model who secretly bore him two children but couldn’t be seen with him outside the $3 million Key Biscayne apartment she says the 68-year-old bought for her.

Martin made sure his two worlds never collided, according to Miami-Dade County court papers dug out by Gossip Extra.

Until now!

Martin’s sleazy life exploded in public when he asked a family court judge to order mistress Johanna Maria Vibe Ener, a model who has posed in lingerie, to stay away from him and the home he shares with wife Maria.

In his April 4 petition for the injunction, Martin admitted to fathering two little girls with Vibe Ener.

Johanna Vibe Ener, 41, who was a part of Terra Group founder Pedro Martin’s secret family (Johanna Vibe Ener photo)

But the sordid details came in a response by Vibe Ener, who told us exclusively she is “angry” by Martin’s original filing.

While arguing she’s not stalking Martin but having a real relationship with its joys and pains, the Finnish model detailed her eight-year romance with the Terra Group founder in a motion asking the judge to dismiss Martin’s petition.

It chronicles a tug-of-war tale of deception, deceit and, according to Vibe Ener, ever-changing minds.

Martin and Vibe Ener met in New York City in September 2009, her motion to dismiss reads, when she was visiting from Helsinki, Finland.

Miami developer Pedro Martin (right) with Vibe Ener and their two daughters (Johanna Vibe Ener photo)

She was 32 at the time. Martin was 60.

In no time, the paperwork claims, Martin started pursuing Ener “aggressively.” According to Vibe Ener’s filing, Martin told her then he was a widower.

Eventually, Vibe Ener gave in to Martin’s advances.

At first, Martin offered to move Vibe Ener and her 9-year-old son from a previous relationship to Miami.

Vibe Ener declined but jet-setted on Martin’s dime to meet him for trysts in The Bahamas, Las Vegas, Paris and London, the paperwork reads.

Blonde, and shapely: Anna Vibe Ener was the perfect mistress for Terra Group founder Pedro Martin (Johanna Vibe Ener photo)

Vibe Ener eventually gave in to Martin’s persistent demands she move with her son to Miami. Her goal, she said, was to marry the “widower” and start a family with him.

At first, the paperwork reads, things in the Magic City were, well, magical. Martin called Vibe Ener several times a day and visited often, and sometimes stayed overnight.

In time, however, Vibe Ener says she learned Martin was married.

Pedro Martin and Maria, his wife of 41 years (Pinterest photo)

Martin’s response?

He said “he was separated from (his) wife, whom he claimed was a mentally ill and dangerous woman residing in a state mental health treatment facility,” according to the paperwork.

Martin allegedly told Vibe Ener the divorce papers would be filed soon, and they slipped into a difficult on-again, off-again romance.

According court records, Martin has not filed for divorce as of today and there’s no indication he will.

In 2010, Vibe Ener became pregnant with their first daughter. She and Martin, she claims, were happy when he took her for sonograms.

Then, she claims Martin appeared to change his mind. The filing speculates his wife Maria learned of the pregnancy and became upset, according to the shocking legal papers.

Johanna Vibe Ener in something comfortable (Johanna Vibe Ener photo)

That’s when Pedro Martin allegedly offered Vibe Ener $500,000 to have a late-term abortion. Martin allegedly promised Vibe Ener they’d have another baby if she aborted, but they had to wait for his divorce to become final.

Ener said she refused the offer because she was “in love” with Martin and had his baby.

In October 2011, according to records, Martin filed sued against Vibe Ener to ensure the baby was his. It was, and the action was dismissed two months later after Martin and Vibe Ener hammered out an agreement and, Ener’s current motion says, she started seeing Martin again.

This time, however, Vibe Ener claims he took more care to ensure no one would find out. Someone, Vibe Ener told us in an interview, had placed a GPS bug on his car.

Pedro Martin and Vibe Ener (Johanna Vibe Ener photo)

“The father got himself several burner phones,” the motion reads, “and a new car that the father’s wife didn’t know about so that his family could not track him when he was with (Ener) and their first child.”

Ener claims they would spend weeks together and everything was honky dory, then Martin returned to his wife — and his lawyers would send her nasty letters about stalking.

Martin and Vibe Ener’s second daughter was born in 2013. And again, Martin moved back with his wife, filed suit to force a DNA test and a second settlement kept off the public realm was finalized in November 2013.

A few months later, Martin allegedly bought Vibe Ener a $100,000-ring and held a “spiritual wedding ceremony” with her, according the court file.

Pedro Martin and Johanna Vibe Ener: What’s a 30-year age difference when you’re having fun? (Johanna Vibe Ener photo)

In time, Martin moved Vibe Ener in a condo near Terra Group headquarters in Coconut Grove so that “he could secrety come over” while appearing to his wife that he was at work.

Amazingly, Vibe Ener claims, Martin has been trying unsuccessfully to impregnate her for a third time over the past two years, and had her start artificial insemination.

Now, Vibe Ener equates the relationship to emotional abuse and the cause for stress-related illnesses.

She also claims she’s been threatened by Maria Martin in phone calls, and was even approached by an armed man while she strolled on a beach in Key Biscayne.

According to police records, Vibe Ener filed a police report with Key Biscayne PD claiming a man came to her on the beach and asked her if her name’s Johanna. He allegedly pointed a gun at her stomach, and poked her with its dark barrel while telling her “be quiet.”

The injunction filed by Martin, Vibe Ener told us, is nothing more than Martin’s attempt to keep his wife quiet about the affair.

Big-time developer Pedro Martin and his two daughters with mistress Johanna Vibe Ener (Johanna Vibe Ener photo)

Still, Martin’s statement is scathing, and accuses Vibe Ener of harassing him every time he refuses to give her money.

“They have been trying to set me up for this injunction for weeks,” Vibe Ener said. “Me, a stalker? What kind of stalker lives in a nice apartment bought for her but her accuser? What kind of stalker gets her immigration papers from her accuser? Pedro and his family are desperate to get rid of me, and he (Pedro) tells his wife I’m a stalker. I’m not.”

She said the accusation in the file that she sent Martin 200 text messages in one day is not true. She did, however, admit that she and Pedro were arguing that day.

“We were arguing,” she said, “we’re in a relationship. But I don’t think there were 200 messages. That’s crazy.”
She says Pedro’s pattern is to spend time with her then having his lawyers send her nasty letters once his wife finds out they’re together again.

“We were in New York six months ago,” Ener said. “His wife found out, and next thing I know, I’m getting letters from his lawyers about stalking.”

She justifies her explosive court filing as a way to defend her interests and reputation. In his petition, Martin claims Vibe Ener is harassing him when he refuses to give her money.

“I need to defend myself in a court of law against allegations I’m a stalker,” she says. “I have to answer his accusations. He’s just trying to cover his ass right now.”

She said she and Pedro are now broken up, and she calls him a loser who can’t make a decision to be with her.

“He’s a slave to his wife then he begs to come back to me,” she said. “He is pathetic. We’re through.”

In a statement to the Miami Herald delivered through a spokesman, Martin said: “While I have always considered this to be a personal and private matter within my immediate family, I had no choice but to pursue legal action to stop threats directed at me and my loved ones. In doing so, I have tried to protect the privacy of my wife, all my children and my family. In their defense, I will do anything — including suffering any indignation that may be directed at me if necessary — to stop anyone from threatening me or them in hopes that I will cower to unlawful demands.”

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