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EDITORIAL — Donald Trump’s U.S. Extreme Right Tried to Sway French Election But Finds Out French Not So Gullible!


EDITORIAL — Donald Trump’s U.S. Extreme Right Tried to Sway French Election But Finds Out French Not So Gullible!

WEST PALM BEACH — You wouldn’t know this in West Palm Beach because, let’s face it, the corporate media here have lined themselves up with Palm Beacher Donald Trump, but it’s been worldwide news all weekend: Investigative reports show a Russian online push to sway France’s presidential election in favor of extreme-right candidate Marine LePen was enabled by Trump’s extreme-right in the United States.

And in case you needed more evidence that Russia’s elite and hardcore conservatives in the United States are conspiring to shape world politics, it’s clear from the way anti-Emmanuel Macron propaganda was disseminated starting yesterday, hours before the vote.

The data dump of information about France’s centrist candidate both real and made up, including allegations of secret accounts in The Bahamas, posed a major problem for its Russian sources: How would the news spread far and wide in France on time for the vote after the French government issued a decree banning the country’s media from publishing the information?

That’s when the U.S. extreme right so supportive of Trump — who, by the way, has been pulling hard for the anti-everything Marine LePen — and its small-time, no traffic websites propped up by millions of dollars from pro-Trump millionaires and billionaires went to work to find a way around the French ban.

From an outfit few ever heard of named Rebel TV, a Trump shill named Jack Posobiec started using the hashtag #MacronLeaks at a time when no one else had heard of leaks.

Posobiec and others similar websites organized what’s known as a “Twitter raid” and, in no time, #MacronLeaks was the second most used hashtag in the world on social media.

Probably would’ve worked if the election were in the United States.

France, however, isn’t the United States.

Posobiec, and ultimately Trump’s entourage, miscalculated badly by believing France is besieged with the same desperation as America.

For one thing, France’s voting public is a lot less gullible than in this country. Believe it or not, the French seem to be educated enough to know the difference between fake and real news.

And then, if there’s one thing the French hate, it’s the impression they are being manipulated by foreign forces. Knowing them like I do, many voters probably went to Macron because of the foreign machinations to force a LePen win.

Make no mistake about it: Macron’s not a great candidate by any stretch. I mean, just the fact this 39-year-old married a 64-year-old woman exposes a clear mommy issue, not great for a president.

But the alternative, a candidate who, like Trump, wants to destroy a system that has worked for many citizens, is just not acceptable.

Macron’s expected win today was forged when the French political class set aside its differences to control successfully the obvious attempts to trash the democratic process and installed the information ban.

We, at Gossip Extra, have no problem with such a decree in narrow, rare and extreme instances. We believe it shows the maturity of the French political class in contrast to the United States’.

Memba what happened here?

Candidate Trump and the Republican National Committee were only too happy to have Russia’s help. He coordinated his tweets to Russia’s anti-Clinton leaks and encouraged publisher Wikileaks from his campaign stops.

The U.S. governmental apparatus, including the FBI, was incapable of controlling the obviously illegal activities.

The U.S. public, in large part a victim of what’s quickly becoming one of the worst educational system in the world, ate up the information without even wondering where it came from and why it was out there.

Through a complicit and divided political class, U.S. voters allowed a foreign power to have its way with them.

As of now in France, Macron is believed to be trouncing LePen with more than 60 percent of the votes.

The candidate of reason is headed for a historic win.

And a real, a-political police investigation with criminal charges pending has been opened in the affair of #macronleaks.

Does that make the French smarter than us?

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