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PHOTOS — Super Rude Eva Longoria Ignores Her Mother While Shopping At Miami Beach’s Banana Republic!


PHOTOS — Super Rude Eva Longoria Ignores Her Mother While Shopping At Miami Beach’s Banana Republic!

Eva Longoria spends her Sunday afternoon in Miami Beach chatting on her cell phone and ignoring her mother (Splash News photo)

MIAMI BEACH —  Empire guest star Eva Longoria‘s Miami Beach shopping trip is a reminder that stars are just like the rest of us. They shop at Banana Republic, go for Sunday outings with their families and ignore their mothers in favor of their cell phones.

People are people everywhere!

The 42-year-old Desperate Housewives star was out with husband Jose Baston and their mothers for a Sunday stroll and a bit of shopping.

The quartet stopped at Banana Republic — everyone needs the basics, and then Athleta — because everyone also needs athletic gear.

How very normal!

Longoria, who was in town to promote her new film Lowriders, couldn’t stop gabbing on her phone and her poor mother, Ella Eva Mireles couldn’t help look a little sad as her daughter ignored her.

Don’t you know you’re breaking your poor mother’s heart? Look how sad she looks (Splash News photo)

With a reported net worth around $35 million, we’ve no doubt who footed the bill for the shopping trip, but “Manners maketh man,” they say.

Come on Longoria, didn’t your mama teach you better than that? She used to change your diapers, show a little respect to the poor woman!

Longoria’s husband Jose Baston and his mother were along for the shopping trip, look how nice he is to his mother! What a good boy! (Splash News photo)

Lowriders premiers on May 12, which is Mother’s Day weekend. Let’s hope Longoria sends her mum a card.

See more pics of Longoria’s relationship with her cell phone below!

Longoria loves the phone. Her sad mother bites her nails, wondering what happened to her sweet little girl (Splash News photo)

Eva looks lovingly at her phone (Splash News photo)

Eva just can’t pry the phone away from her ear (Splash News photo)

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