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EXCLUSIVE — Wellington Polo Star Memo Gracida: I’m Not My Brother’s Keeper!


EXCLUSIVE — Wellington Polo Star Memo Gracida: I’m Not My Brother’s Keeper!

Wellington polo star Memo Gracida is getting sued for breach of contract (

flag-exclusiveWELLINGTON — Only in Wellington: Polo star Guillermo Memo Gracida has just been sued over the botched sale of $400,000 worth of polo ponies with his just-as-famous dead brother!

According to the lawsuit filed in a Palm Beach County Circuit Court, Memo and his brother Carlos Gracida, who was tragically killed in a polo accident in Wellington in 2014, agreed to sell two “acceptable” polo ponies to fellow player Oussama Aboughazale.

In April 2012, the brothers Gracida received $400,000 and flew two ponies to Aboughazale in England, but the latter didn’t like them and flew the horses back. He asked for better ones.

The next year, Aboughazale concluded the brothers wouldn’t be able to find him horses to his liking, so he asked for his money back.

Instead of sending the money, Carlos tried talked Aboughazale into taking a look at two other ponies but, by now, Aboughazale just wanted his money back. He even had his lawyer write a demand letter.

Oussama Aboughazale and Carlos Gracida before their business deal went south (via

The back and forth continued through February 2014, when Carlos Gracida was killed in a fall during a match.

Now, the suit alleges that even though much of the correspondence had been between Carlos and Aboughazale, Memo is the one who’s going to have to pay.

The suit also contains a second count that claims Aboughazale told Memo he’d let it go if Memo created a trust for Carlos’ daughter Camila and put the $400,000 away for the girl.

According to the lawsuit, Memo hasn’t even done that.

Said Gracida’s attorney, Craig T. Galle: “Although Memo has great respect for Mr. Aboughazale, he respectfully takes issue with the allegation that there was any agreement between the two of them. If an agreement existed, it would have been between Carlos Gracida and Mr. Aboughazale.”

Aboughazale has the cash to make this one last for a long time: He is an heir to major shareholders in the fresh produce division of Del Monte Fruit Company.

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