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LAWSUIT: Mexican Superstar Thalia Is A TOTAL DIVA!


LAWSUIT: Mexican Superstar Thalia Is A TOTAL DIVA!

Is Thalia a diva or not? The question looks like it’ll be settled in court (Splash News photo)

MIAMI BEACH — Mexican superstar songstress Thalia is making such insane diva-like demands that she’s getting sued!

Thalia is the wife of music mogul and long-term Miami Beacher Tommy Mottola, who was formerly married to major diva Mariah Carey.

EDF brands, with whom Thalia has a 20-year-licensing agreement, has filed a lawsuit claiming the star is making crazy demands to get out of her contract.

For example, the lawsuit claims Thalia demanded a $120,000 travel budget for a two-day trip for a product launch, which was way outside the terms of the contract that had already given the star a $150,000 advance.

For that launch, Thalia demanded a private plane to fly from New York to Mexico for $65,000, she wanted $15,000 in hotel rooms, $25,000 for security, $10,000 for a stylist and $6,000 for makeup!

Diva much?

The suit claims Thalia could have made tens of millions of dollars if she’d done what EDF told her to do and “honored her promises to promote her brand” at events.

Instead, EDF’s attorney Andrew R. Goldenberg told Page Six Thalia threw up “roadblocks as a pretext to get a better deal, but she’s hurting herself by making it more difficult to promote her.”

Thalia’s people totally disagree and a counterclaim has has been filed.

Her side claims that EDF was selling cut-rate Thalia-branded clothes that Thalia hadn’t signed off on.

Even worse, Thalia’s people claim EDF used “manipulated” images in a catalog without her permission and: “EDF went so far as to crudely superimpose a headshot of Thalia on the body of a different model with a discernibly different skin tone,” according to the lawsuit.

Both EDF and Thalia are seeking unspecified monetary damages.

Thalia’s husband Mottola is also a defendant in the case.

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