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DISGUSTING VIDEO: Florida State Rep. Cary Pigman Nearly Falls After Being Stopped For DUI!


DISGUSTING VIDEO: Florida State Rep. Cary Pigman Nearly Falls After Being Stopped For DUI!

UPDATE — Vimeo, a gut-less company if I’ve ever seen one, decided to take down our news content. Could it be that State Rep. Cary Pigman’s people called them to complain about this video being up on GossipExtra? We’ll get to the bottom of it. Meanwhile, we reloaded the video on YouTube. Enjoy!

FORT PIERCE — State Troopers just released dashboard video of last month’s DUI arrest of Florida State Representative Cary Pigman, and if Pigman hasn’t felt yet the urge to do the right things, including getting out of politics and checking into a drying tank, he should watch himself nearly fall on the side of the road.

The video of Pigman’s Jeep weaving back and forth in his turnpike lane, at times crossing the media by several feet and at others the emergency lane on the right, further shows why Pigman was reported by other motorists before getting pulled over.

In typical Florida legislature fashion, Pigman is still conducting state business at the House as if nothing happened.

An emergency room doctor from Avon Park, Republican Pigman did resign from a health committee he chairs but he doesn’t seem to be under any pressure from voters or house leadership to resign his House seat.

Pigman, by the way, has been a leading opponent to marijuana legalization!

Florida State Rep. Cary Pigman’s booking photo after he was nailed for DUI near Port St. Lucie (St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office photo)

State police released the report of the March 24 arrest near the Fort Pierce service plaza hours later but released the footage only today.

The highlights from the 18-minute video above:

0:00 to 7:00 —  Two troopers car tail Pigman just to document his swerving back and forth across the roadway

7:00 to 8:00 — It takes Pigman almost a full minute to realize that the blue lights are flashing behind him and pull over

10:25 — One of the troopers talks to Pigman through the passenger’s side window and has to explain to him he is in Fort Pierce

10:45 — Apparently unaware he missed his exit, Pigman tells the trooper he is headed to Okeechobee

11:45 — Pigman finally exits his car and walks gingerly toward the back where the two troopers wait for him

12:20 — With Pigman standing in place while swaying back and forth, a trooper asks him if he had anything to drink. He says he didn’t. They both troopers ask Pigman why he has an open bottle of wine on the passenger seat

14:34 — A trooper asks Pigman where he is coming from, and he says he’s driving from Tallahassee. What do you do in Tallahassee, the trooper asks, and Pigman says he is a state representative

16:30 — After standing still for about four minutes, Pigman nearly falls after he is asked to walk in a straight and has to grab the guard-rail to catch his fall

The video ends with Pigman starting the field sobriety tests outside of the view of the dashboard cam.

Later that night, Pigman blew twice the state .08 blood alcohol limit.

And the three-term conservative had the gall to plead not guilty to his DUI charge.

He’s up for a hearing at the downtown Fort Pierce courthouse April 24.

Pigman’s political career has been tanking anyway after he was accused of misusing state legislator clout last year. He was accused of linking his efforts to obtain funding for a school to the superintendent’s efforts to fire a principal with whom Pigman had beef.

Their beef originated from the fact Pigman was having an extra-marital affair with a school secretary married to the principal’s brother.

State Rep. Cary Pigman allegedly blew twice the blood alcohol limit overnight on the turnpike ( photo)

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