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The party that shattered the peace of the fancy Seminole Landing neighborhood of North Palm Beach took place without the knowledge of homeowner Joe Reiter (via Twitter)

flag-exclusiveNORTH PALM BEACH — It’s the kind of party Tiger Woods would’ve prayed for back in the day!

A huge, debaucherous bikini bash organized three doors down from Elin Nordegren, Woods’ ex, without homeowner Joe Reiter‘s knowledge while he vacationed in France has rocked Seminole Landing, a North Palm Beach waterfront community of multi-million-dollar houses that’s also home to mining billionaire Chris Cline.

The March 19 shindig at the famed Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey & Fronrath lawyer’s $10 million-beachfronter was thrown by his live-in housekeeper, said Reiter, for her teenage daughter’s birthday.

But it quickly got out of control when more than 150 youths popped in for the fun.

Several professionally-produced videos of the bash were posted on social media, and ticked off residents have been passing around links to the footage, which shows clearly this shindig was one for the ages.

Here is one of the videos:

Asses jiggled and wiggled.

Boys and girls who looked underage drank hard liquor straight out of the bottles.

A Cuban cigar-size spliff was being passed around.

A professional DJ spun the tunes.

And, of course, ugly brawls involving 20 to 25 people marred the fiesta.

Capt. Morgan everybody (via Twitter)

Deputies with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office descended on the wingding, according to records, but they were too late to make arrests.

Reiter says the housekeeper was fired, and he’s so embarrassed he is beyond angry.

Ooops! Another good story that West Palm Beach’s corporate media missed while they’re chasing more black-on-black crime stories. Bypass them, #dropthepaper and click here to subscribe to our daily alerts!

“I am so sorry this happened,” Reiter said. “I was in France, and I started getting calls from neighbors about this at 11 p.m. in Paris. There was nothing I could do. Then I saw those videos like everybody else, and I was just shocked.”

That might be the understatement of the year:

Actually, the aftermath of this incident may be just short of miraculous.

“Nobody got hurt,” said Reiter, who said he still hasn’t decided on whether to purse legal action against the housekeeper or her visitors. “They didn’t steal anything. Nothing is missing from the property. There was no lasting damage, except to my reputation.

“I’ve been living there for 20 years and I never thought anything like this was possible. We’re still trying to figure out how they all got past the guard gate.”

And that’s also what the Seminole Landing Association, the homeowners governing group, is wondering.

President David Abell, who didn’t return calls for comment, recently sent an email to fellow homeowners where he announced the forming of a committee to review security measures.

He also included links to the Twitter and YouTube postings with the carnage videos.

In his email, Abell says the housekeeper’s daughter called the manned security gate and told guards to let revelers in.

Abell also wrote he felt the entire community was “violated by the presence and behavior” of a “gang of bingers.”

“Prior to residing in Seminole Landing, I spent 17 years living in the Third World which brought unique surprises every day,” Abell wrote. “But what I have seen in these videos is shocking, alarming and unprecedented in the history of our community.”


Here is a copy of Abell’s email to his fellow homeowners:

Dear Seminole Landing Resident,

As everyone is well aware, several emails have been circulated within the community in connection with a most unfortunate event that occurred within Seminole Landing on March 19, 2017.  As the President of Seminole Landing HOA, I am writing you in an effort to put closure to the events which occurred on this day. I believe it is important for the community to understand what the undisputed facts are that prompted many residents to express their grave concerns over how such chaos could unfold behind the gates of Seminole Landing.

I, like many of you, was not present when the most egregious events took place on March 19th, though I did return to the community as emergency vehicles and numerous sheriff personnel were patrolling the property and exiting through the guardhouse. Since that time, I have conducted my own investigation to understand why numerous law enforcement personnel were necessary and called into our community.

First and foremost, through this process I have come to realize Seminole Landing needs a change in our security practices. For far too long our community has accepted security standards which are fraught with familiarity and legacy “guardhouse policies” based upon exceptions, rather than the rule. With multiple constituents behind our gates whose concept of security ranges from wanting a concierge service, to those wanting armed guards in roving vehicles, it has always been difficult to formulate a cohesive and comprehensive security plan for our community.

More security at Seminole Landing, indeed (via Twitter)

As a result, it appears our guardhouse has become complacent to the adherence / enforcement of policies and procedures which govern the security of our community. Otherwise, how does one explain that the daughter of a resident housekeeper could advise our gatehouse on Friday, March 17th that an “open gate policy” needs to be in place for her party on Sunday? Furthermore, I was advised by security personnel that the housekeeper’s “open gate” request, and their subsequent adherence, met standard guardhouse protocol because this employee (and other property managers) had the same right to make requests of the guards as dues paying homeowners. Yet, nowhere within the security manual is this stated to be the case. The realization that guardhouse personnel were staunchly defending this practice (despite admitting numerous cars had breached the security gates on March 19th) was further confirmation we had unknowingly fostered a security culture that did not put the safety of the community first and foremost in their actions and decision making.

Over the past two weeks, I have spoken to residents and security personnel who were witness to the events on March 19th. Rather than speak about the specifics of my findings, several videos have come to light which provide indisputable evidence of what took place at 1020 Sea Acres Way on that day. The videos document a debauched affair with a free flow of alcohol, multiple fights, bottles hurled, blood spilled and elements of potential danger and liability which pervaded our community and Mr. Reiter’s home. There is no question we were all violated by the presence and behavior of this gang of bingers who appear to host parties of this nature at vacant mansions on a frequent basis.

I am sharing these videos with the community at large so everyone can clearly understand what took place on that Sunday and what can happen when opaque security measures are the accepted norm. What was meant to be a gathering of friends combusted into being several very dangerous brawls. It is quite obvious from the content in the videos that our community and those who attended the party are extremely fortunate no one was tragically injured on this day.

For those so inclined, please click on the attached video links should you have an interest in understanding what took place within our esteemed community. I will warn you in advance that much of the content is disturbing and graphic. Prior to residing in Seminole Landing, I spent 17 years living in the Third World which brought unique surprises every day. But what I have seen in these videos is shocking, alarming and unprecedented in the history of our community. I am quite certain that if any of us had been witness to the chaos and alcohol fueled pandemonium the Ziff family and others on Banyan Rd. experienced that afternoon, we would have come away equally horrified, shaken and incensed.

Having had numerous sleepless nights to contemplate our findings and the security failures on March 19th, the Seminole Landing Board has decided to form a Security Committee comprised of representatives from the multiple stakeholders within Seminole Landing (SL HOA – Banyan HOA – Beach Rd. – Seminole Golf Club) to address our security requirements. This committee will be tasked with negotiating and formulating security protocols that are acceptable to all our stakeholders. The resulting policies and procedures from their efforts will be adhered to without exception and this committee will provide the governance / oversight of the guardhouse going forward. This committee will be starting from a clean slate and shall evaluate all factors that comprise our security and gatehouse practices. It is our goal that the results of this joint committee will be implemented and enforced commencing June 1, 2017.

While the events of March 19th were most unfortunate, it provided the necessary catalyst for the Seminole Landing Board to undertake a stringent review of all aspects of our security protocol. I am quite confident this newly formed security committee will bring positive change to all stakeholders behind our gates and that Seminole Landing will be all the better for their efforts.


David Abell

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