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PBSO SERGEANT Suspended 20 Days In Drunken Tampa Hotel Rampage … Tampa Cops Still Can’t Explain Why He Wasn’t Arrested!


PBSO SERGEANT Suspended 20 Days In Drunken Tampa Hotel Rampage … Tampa Cops Still Can’t Explain Why He Wasn’t Arrested!

Chris Caris and his wife Tanya (via Facebook)

WEST PALM BEACH — The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office sergeant who went on a drunken rampage in a Tampa hotel last year was suspended without pay for a month, according to PBSO records, and ordered to undergo alcohol counseling.

His wife, a PBSO civilian employee who screamed at Tampa officers who responded to a report of an unruly guest at the Tampa Marriott Waterside Resort & Marina Dec. 10, was suspended from her job as supervisor of the Alternate Response Unit for 10 days, also without pay.

Both road patrol sergeant Chris and Tanya Caris are already back at work, as Gossip Extra predicted they would be when we broke the story in January.

EDITORIAL: Tampa PD showed policing can be done with class in PBSO sergeant’s rampage

The interesting part of PBSO’s just released Internal Affairs report of the incident is the fact several Tampa officers interviewed by Sheriff Ric Bradshaw‘s infamously careless IA sleuths admitted that, had Caris and his wife no ties to law enforcement, they would’ve been arrested.

Instead, Chris and Tanya Caris were actually sent home to Royal Palm Beach.

Saying he wanted Caris “to have a long career,” Tampa PD Sgt. Chris Ugles told PBSO’s IA he chose to ignore Caris’ lack of respect for him and his officers because Caris was obviously too drunk to know what he was doing.

Two of Ugles’ guys who responded to the hotel after Caris barricaded himself in his room to avoid being evicted told PBSO’s IA they would’ve arrested Caris and his wife had they been anything other than law enforcement workers.

In time, Chris and Tanya Caris were found to have violated PBSO’s conduct policy and both were suspended. Chris Caris called Ugles and apologize for the incident.

“Fuck you, fuck Tampa Police,” Caris screamed at his West Coast colleagues, according to the original report drafted by Tampa PD.

Click here to read the original police report

For a reason that has yet to be explained, Caris was heavily made-up like a woman and spotted in a woman’s clothes in the hotel lobby minutes before the incident started.

The embarrassment Caris caused, however, can only be appreciated truly after watching Tampa PD’s bodycam footage we published days before West Palm Beach’s out-of-town corporate media.

In the first video below, inside Caris’ room, Caris and his wife are arguing with Ugles and keep saying they did nothing wrong.

Caris then gets walked through the hotel lobby and to a squad car as the officers tell him he is going to jail:

The next video is the squad car’s dashboard cam with Caris sitting in the back and getting an earful from Ugles, who tells him things like “disturbing the peace is against the law” while Caris tells him “no, it’s not.”

“Your actions tonight against security and us is not the actions of a 20-year sergeant,” Ugles says as Caris taunts him and tells him to take him to jail.

Interestingly, Ugles tells Caris he found his gun WITH ONE BULLET IN THE CHAMBER!

Ugles then explains with infinite patience he is releasing Caris and his wife:

The final videos shows Caris’ sendoff from the Marriott with Ugles almost apologizing, saying: “In the end of the day, nobody was injured, nobody was hurt, nothing was broken … We’re good people, I want you to go home safe and think about it over the next few weeks.”

Officers then helped Caris load his luggage:

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