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EXCLUSIVE — Ex-Wife Of Transgender Palm Beach Gardens Lawyer: Dude, Where’s My Alimony?


EXCLUSIVE — Ex-Wife Of Transgender Palm Beach Gardens Lawyer: Dude, Where’s My Alimony?

Julianne Frank (right) and Joe cavort in paradise while Julianne’s ex-wife needs her money, according to court papers ( photo)

flag-exclusivePALM BEACH GARDENS — Local high-profile bankruptcy lawyer Julianne Frank is facing legal trouble in a Palm Beach County court after allegedly cutting off alimony payments to her ex-wife while she gallivants all over the Caribbean on a sailboat with her man.

Ok, sound complicated but it’s really not.

According to court papers, ex-wife Diane is no longer getting the alimony payments she needs to make ends meet while Julianne — born Jeffrey Frank — keeps posting online photos with some dude named Joe in paradise-like locales in Dominica, Antigua and Tortola.

Palm Beach Gardens resident Julianne, who was Jeffrey when she was accepted to the Florida Bar and finalized the divorce from Diane in late 1999, could end up in jail if she doesn’t show up in court soon with a stack of monthly $4,000-checks.

Attorney Eddie Stephens, who’s helping Diane pro bono, has been unable to serve a summons to Julianne for weeks, so today he served her through the publication of a newspaper ad:

Now the clock’s ticking for Julianne, a partner in the firm of Markarian Frank & Hayes.

The firm’s phone operator declined to forward a request for comment to Julianne.

Julianne Frank (Markarian Frank & Hayes photo)

According to the motion for contempt filed by Stephens, Julianne left town on a sailboat in November after dropping off six months of back-dated alimony checks.

Ooops! Another good story that West Palm Beach’s corporate media missed. Why? They’re based 1,000 miles away, and have no local sources left! Bypass them, #dropthepaper and click here to subscribe to our daily alerts!

Diane tried to cash the first two, but the checks bounced. And there were no signs Julianne would be coming back anytime soon.

Meanwhile, Julianne’s latest posting on her blog, Ruminations From The Wild Blue Yonder, waxes poetic about the sand in Dominica:

“It is black volcanic pulverized pumice, as fine as baby powder and specked with flecks of gold. I exfoliated with it, washing it off in the beautiful turquoise waters abutting the beach, and my skin felt as if had regenerated. We could not help but to scoop up a bagful, one of the few ‘souvenirs’ we have ever removed from our island hosts. I will be returning it to the states, and those of you who are worthy shall share in a sample of this remarkable natural beauty product. Add a couple drops of Dominican coconut oil, and I challenge you to find better skin care in even the finest resort spas.

Stephens had no comment, but his filing makes it clear Diane, a former legal secretary, couldn’t survive without the financial help.

“The former husband’s actions are wreaking financial havoc upon the former wife who relies on the alimony for basic sustenance and necessary expenses for human survival,” he wrote, adding Diane has not been able to find a job despite numerous attempts.

She also suffers from a mood disorder that might date back from the time she found out her husband was leaving her for a life as a woman.

Stay tuned!

Julianne Frank (right) and his friend Joe on a Caribbean island (via

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