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CASH ME OUSSIDE Girl Cashes In On Notoriety, Signs Reality TV Deal!


CASH ME OUSSIDE Girl Cashes In On Notoriety, Signs Reality TV Deal!

Cash me ousside. Is Danielle Bregoli the voice of her generation?
(via Instagram)

BOYNTON BEACH — Danielle Bregoli is doing everything she can to extend her 15 minutes of fame until she’s at least 15 years old!

The just-turned-14 Boynton Beach-native who’s known for saying “Cash Me Ousside, How Bout Dah,” has just signed a deal with a major TV production company for a loosely formatted reality TV show.

And the show will be all about her.

The word is she’ll star alongside her mother, Barbara Ann, who seems happy to cash in on her daughter’s misbehavior¬†which first gained attention on the Dr. Phil show, where basic human dignity goes to die.

Bregoli’s father, Ira Peskowitz, a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputy, thinks his little girl should get out of the limelight and into therapy.

Too bad there’s only one adult in the room!

Used to be bad behavior was punished, now it’s given a reality tv show! (via Instagram)

As for what you can expect from the show? Brawls, knock-downs, disrespect and things that make decent people cringe.

Filming hasn’t yet begun, but there’s no doubt that this sad teenager, boosted by notoriety and the thrilling prospect of continuing to cash in on her bad behavior, will amp up her antics for the cameras and kiss any hope of a gentle childhood goodbye.

Do society a favor, and don’t watch the show, which sounds like it’s going to border on child endangerment.

This girl should never have been on tv (via Instagram)

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