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PHOTOS — Jaden Smith’s Ex Recovers From Split In Miami Beach With Hot Friend!


PHOTOS — Jaden Smith’s Ex Recovers From Split In Miami Beach With Hot Friend!

Chantel Jeffries, right, is doing what she can to help her recently heartbroken friend Sarah Snyder (Splash News photo)

MIAMI BEACH — Nothing mends a broken heart like a good prospect and as long as Jaden Smith‘s ex-girlfriend Sarah Snyder is hanging out with Justin Bieber‘s ex, CeeJay the DJ Chantel Jeffries, her heart’s not likely to stay broken for long.

The gorgeous pair was spotted frolicking in the waves off Miami Beach, in delicious bikinis that showed off their fit physiques.

They won’t stay single for long!

Snyder, 21, wore an amazing black and white embroidered string halter suit with rick rack edging straight out of the 1970s.

She wore a full face of makeup, but eschewed jewelry and other accessories save for her unusual hip tattoo.

Eat your heart out Jaden Smith, Snyder is gorgeous! (Splash News photo)

According to an article in US Weekly, Smith called off their two-year relationship with Snyder because the pair started “growing apart” and “stopped having shared interests.”

A source said, “they had been on the rocks for a while.”

Sarah Snyder knows there’s nothing worse than a broken heart (Splash News photo)

Snyder wore brave face during her day at the beach with pal model and actress Jeffries, who wore a high-waisted white two piece.

Jeffries, 23, also seemed to sport a full face of makeup and a pair of shades.

Good friend Chantel Jeffries is also very good looking! (Splash News photo)

And why not? She’s a Miami Beach regular and what’s more Miami Beach than pretending to swim while keeping yourself looking beautiful?

To see what else these beauties did in the sands, check out lots of pics below:


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