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PHOTOS — Bare-Assed Bystander Crashes TV Shoot!


PHOTOS — Bare-Assed Bystander Crashes TV Shoot!

A cheeky bystander crashes a tv shoot with WAG Cathy Hummels (right) and her sister Vanessa Fischer (Splash News photo)

MIAMI BEACH — In Europe, the wives and girlfriends of professional athletes get treated like royalty.

In the U.S., not so much.

It’s a lesson Cathy Hummels and her sister Vanessa Fischer learned the hard way when a cheeky bystander interrupted them while they attempted to shoot scenes for a TV show in Miami Beach.

The whole scene was pretty bizarre in the way things can only be bizarre in South Florida.

Hummels, who’s the wife of World Cup Champion Mats Hummels, and her gorgeous sister were shooting with a giant inflatable unicorn and swan, which is weird enough.

When will ladies learn that hotness is enough? You don’t need to bring your unicorn (Splash News photo)

But then, a more-than-mostly naked onlooker came up and got friendly.

It’s America, we’re like that, but this onlooker’s fashion choices — well, it’s not everyday you see someone who’s wearing socks that are bigger than their bathing suit.

What would the fashion police have to say about this? (Splash News photo)

This guy was bare-assed in a string thong that would give us pause on a lady, but was more than unsettling on a man.

The girls were good sports about it and the man ended up talking to a production assistant.

The front of the bystander’s suit is no better than the back! (Splash News photo)

What a circus, but then again, it is Miami Beach!

To see more train-wreck photos from the bizarre beach shoot, check out our gallery below:

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