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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO — Two Jupiter Police Sergeants FIRED In Sex-On-Duty Scandal!

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO — Two Jupiter Police Sergeants FIRED In Sex-On-Duty Scandal!

Former Jupiter PD Sgt. Amy Walling was fired overnight, partly for taking this photo (we added the hearts) in her office at police headquarters in 2015 (Jupiter PD photo)

JUPITER — A Jupiter Police sergeant who conducted a secret affair with a fellow cop and couldn’t stand him marrying someone else was fired late last night after she surrendered to her department’s brass a graphic homemade video of her and her colleague having sex while he was on duty.

The 23-second video (see below) clearly shows nude Jupiter Police Sgt. Amy Walling, 43, a 20-year veteran of the force, performing oral sex on a groaning man filming the action.

Her playmate, who wore a police shirt as his police radio crackled in the background, was identified as Sgt. Jason Vansteenburgh.

He, too, was fired by Town Manager Andy Lukasik.

Proving that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned Walling, once one of Florida’s highest ranking female cops, also provided Internal Affairs with a selfie texted to her by Vansteenburgh where he poses in his full SWAT police uniform and bullet-proof vest — with his semi-erect penis sticking out of his pants.

The sex scandal became even more grotesque, and the talk of the tony suburb that’s home to NBA legend Michael Jordan and fHBO Sports host Bryant Gumbel when Vansteenburgh handed Internal Affairs a photo that Walling texted him.

It’s taken in her police department office, and she poses with her surgically enhanced breasts sticking out of a police shirt (see above).

Three mortified members of the town council declined comment. But the town’s administration released a statement about its 114-officer force that reads: “The actions of these individuals do not reflect the culture or organizational values of the Jupiter Police Department.”

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The love triangle gone awry mushroomed into a full-fledged sex scandal in the wake of a late-night incident in a popular Jupiter bar in April 2016 where Walling bit two fellow law enforcement officers who tried to prevent her from hitting Vansteenburgh.

Jupiter Police Sgt. Jason Vansteenburgh was fired overnight for taking this selfie while working a witness protection detail (Jupiter PD photo)

According to the department’s own investigation into the incident at the oceanfront U-Tiki Beach restaurant, Walling sat at a table for several hours as Vansteenburgh was moonlighting as a bouncer.

Walling and the 42-year-old Vansteenburgh, according to a 54-page summary of the incident, had been having an on- then off-affair while he was engaged to local resident Kathleen Harwood, 41. The affair had at least one unintended consequence.

“Amy even became pregnant by Jason,” said Elizabeth Parker, Walling’s attorney, who added Walling lost the baby in Sept. 2015. “It was more than just an affair. They had a real relationship. However, Jason apparently was having a lot of other relationships and kept playing with Amy’s feelings. One day, he loved her. The next, he didn’t.”

So happens that on the night in question, fiancée Harwood was also at the U-Tiki, keeping an eye on the man she married in January, according to her marriage license.

Walling drank heavily with off-duty colleagues. At times, Walling was described as agitated. Eventually, Walling confronted both Vansteenburgh and Harwood, according to the investigative report, and got kicked out.

“Sgt. Walling told Ms. Harwood that she hopes she is happy with him,” the report reads, “and that he cheats on her.”

The report reads Harwood then showed off her engagement ring and told Walling: “You see this ring? He does not want to be with you. Don’t you understand we are engaged? What about that do you not understand? He loves me.”

Kathleen Harwood, who’s now Vansteenburgh’s wife (linkedIn photo)

Vansteenburgh had the restaurant manager escort Walling out when she pulled out her cellphone, purportedly to show Harwood the penis photo her texted her.

Walling left the property but returned at closing, and waited for Vansteenburgh and Harwood in her gray BMW parked so close to Vansteenburgh’s car that he couldn’t open the driver’s door.

There, in the darkened parking lot, a confrontation degenerated to the point that Walling bit one of her subordinates and another officer in the face while she was being restrained.

In time, the report shows she managed to hit Vansteenburgh, but her punch landed on his shoulder.
Neither bite victims sought treatment but, according to the paperwork, Walling tried to enter into Vansteenburgh’s car as more on-duty cops converged to the parking lot to defuse the situation.

They wrestled Walling to the ground, according to the report, as Vansteenburgh and his fiancée peeled off.

When he was interviewed by Internal Affairs a few days later, Sgt. Vansteenburgh claimed he was being stalked by Walling. He claimed he saw her car as he went jogging with his fiancée. He said Walling had been watching his house and knocked on his door earlier in the day. Because Harwood was also inside, he refused to open.

Walling said she wasn’t stalking anyone, just trying to return some of Vansteenburgh’s clothes as he was in the process of moving in with Harwood.

Until then, Walling had an illustrious career.

Jason Vansteenburgh (middle) received quite a few commendations in his nearly 20-year Jupiter Police career (Facebook photo)

In 2014, she was promoted to major after her steady rise through the ranks fueled with a master’s degree and qualifications that made her a teacher in several college policing courses.

Her last promotion made Walling one of the highest-ranking female cop in Florida. According to a letter from the town administrator, Walling was being groomed to become chief of police.

But she then led an investigation into the savage beating death of a Guatemalan immigrant. And when that probe ended, citing the pressures of what was described as one of the worst murders in the town’s history, Walling requested to be demoted back to sergeant.

What her bosses didn’t know at the time is that Walling was dealing also with heartaches off her warm-cold-hot-cold relationship with Vansteenburgh as well as her pregnancy and loss of the baby.

According to police records, Walling first met Vansteenburgh in 1999, shortly after he was sworn in.
Walling supervised him through several assignments but, in 2012, things evolved to an occasional sexual relationship.

“Believe it or not, the Jupiter Police department doesn’t have a policy on relationship between officers,” said Parker. “They don’t even have one that bans supervisors from having sex with their underlings. So, policy wise, Amy and Jason were doing nothing wrong.”

Until the parking lot incident.

Walling could’ve been charged with three misdemeanor counts of battery but was not arrested because her colleagues didn’t want to testify against her in court. Still, Internal Affairs sleuths found her administratively guilty of conduct unbecoming for bringing “discredit to the Jupiter Police Department and the town of Jupiter.”

In September, Chief Frank Kitzerow opted to demote Walling to officer, suspend her for 30 days without pay, mandate that she prove she is fit for duty and take an anger management class. And he placed her on work probation for two years.

Then things went downhill from there.

“In the course of the investigation, Amy was asked if she had anything on Jason that they could use to discipline him,” said attorney Parker.

Walling did, and she provided a short video as well as Vansteenburgh’s selfie as evidence.

And the brass couldn’t believe their eyes and ears: The time stamps on the material showed Walling and Vansteenburgh conducted their affair while on duty.

Jupiter Police opened another internal affairs case against Walling, and time included Vansteenburgh.

Walling admitted to having sex with Vansteenburgh twice while he was on duty, including once on video.
In that instance, July 25, 2015, Walling told investigator Vansteenburgh went to her house with food for dinner. She admitted to knowing he was on-the-clock but they both remained inside her house for two hours.

“Sgt. Walling advised us that while she was performing oral sex on Sgt. Vansteenburgh, he intentionally picked up her cellular phone and videotaped her performing oral sex on him,” the incident report reads. “The video does not show Sgt. Vansteeburgh’s face … shows the bottom portion of a Jupiter Police Department style shirt and Sgt. Vansteenburgh’s left arm and hand.”

And then, there’s the matter of the police radio heard in the background.

“You can hear his service radio,” said Parker when asked about the video. “There were police things going on in the city while he was with her.”

Despite the fact she wasn’t working, Walling was still charged with another conduct unbecoming allegation because she failed to report Vansteenburgh’s on-duty sex.

Jupiter Police Sgt. Amy Walling (left) was fired overnight (Facebook photo)

Walling also gave investigator the selfie texted to her by Vansteenburgh. It was taken in April 2015 in the bathroom of an hotel room where he and colleagues provided protection to a key witness of a murder whose life had been threatened, according to police records.

“The picture shows Sgt. Vansteenburgh’s penis sticking out of the front zipper section of his pants,” the investigative papers read.

Walling was cited internally for failing to report a fellow officer exposing his genitals while on witness protection duty, and Vansteenburgh now faces living the rest of his life as a civilian for taking the photo while he worked.

When Vansteenburgh’s turn before Internal Affairs came, he hinted he was sexually harassed by Walling, something she denied.

Vansteenburgh explained he sent a G-rated version of his SWAT selfie. But Walling, he said, provoked him into sending an X-rated version when she texted back: “That’s not good enough. You know what I want.”

He also provided his own stored photo of Walling, where she wore a police shirt with her breast popping out.
Walling said she was still a major when she changed out of her uniform in her office for a session at the gym.

She found Vansteenburgh’s service shirt laying around and put it on.

“Sgt. Walling stated that it is not appropriate for a law enforcement officer to take a photograph of themselves with her breasts exposed while wearing a police uniform,” the report reads.

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