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FAKE NEWS ALERT — Donald Trump Advisor Roger Stone Says He Was Victim Of Assassination Attempt In Broward!


FAKE NEWS ALERT — Donald Trump Advisor Roger Stone Says He Was Victim Of Assassination Attempt In Broward!

Donald Trump advisor Roger Stone: US Intelligence Community wants me dead ( photo)

POMPANO BEACH — Long-time Donald Trump advisor Roger Stone, who’s been on the inside of inside politics since the days of Richard Nixon, says someone in the “deep state” US intelligence community wants him dead and they tried, again, to get him.

Stone claims he was T-boned in an assassination attempt in Broward County on Wednesday morning as he was on his way to Orlando to talk about about his latest book on Trump.

Stone first reported the crash on Twitter, where Stone claimed that a dark, four-door grey vehicle with tinted windows and windshield came out of nowhere and slammed into the passenger side of Stone’s car, right where Stone was sitting.

The airbags deployed, which kept Stone from getting more seriously injured. His driver was uninjured.


It took nearly a full day for a law enforcement agency to confirm that there had been a crash.

The initial Broward County Sheriff’s Office report didn’t indicate Stone had been involved because the when the driver, John Kakanis, talked to police he didn’t mention there’d been a passenger in the car.

Stone later told police he was in the car and he left the scene of the crash because he had to go to the bathroom. He said he called an UBER and was taken to Imperial Point Hospital to be examined, but was fine.

According to the report, the 2016 Volkswagen CC Kakanis was driving suffered about $5,000 of damage, but was able to be driven away from the scene.

Remember, earlier this year, Stone claimed he was poisoned with Polonium!

Still, Stone spent the afternoon on Alex Jones‘ conspiracy theory rich InfoWars talking about the accident and how he’s being targeted by the “deep state” US intelligence community because he is fighting their claims that the Trump campaign was influenced by Russians.

In fact, Sen. John McCain has said Stone, himself, because of his interactions with hacker Guccifer 2.0, should be questioned as part of its investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

“That’s why the deep state is trying to take me out. They’ve poisoned me. They have smeared me and now somebody in a car tried to kill me,” he said.

“Roger, you better watch out. They do not want you in those hearings,” Jones said. “They want you dead, man.”

Maybe, probably not.

Senate Intelligence Committees are generally just looking for the unembellished truth. Let’s see how Stone, who has a flair for the theatric, manages that.

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