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INVESTIGATORS: Jose Fernandez Piloted Boat During Fatal Crash


INVESTIGATORS: Jose Fernandez Piloted Boat During Fatal Crash

Jose Fernandez was an avid sport fisher (via Instagram)

MIAMI — Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez was at the helm of the boat when it crashed off Miami Beach, killing the star and his two friends, according to investigators.

The final incident report from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission wraps up six months of investigation and concludes Fernandez was the boat’s operator because his bruises lined up with the damage to the center console and his fingerprint and DNA were found on the steering wheel and his DNA was found on the throttle of the 32-foot-boat that crashed early September 25.

Investigators said the boat was going about 66 miles per hour and Fernandez, in addition to being legally drunk with a blood alcohol concentration of .147, also had “a noted presence of cocaine” in his system according to the toxicology report.

Investigators concluded: “Fernandez operated [the boat] with his normal faculties impaired, in a reckless manner, at an extreme high rate of speed, in the darkness of night, in an area with known navigational hazards such as rock jetties and channel markers.”

Miami Marlins Right Hander Jose Fernandez (Splash News photo)

The report also stated Fernandez violated a number of laws including boating under the influence manslaughter, vessel homicide and reckless or careless operation of a vessel.

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Fernandez and his two friends Eduardo Rivero and Emilio Macias were killed in the crash.

Rivero and Macias’ families have filed wrongful death lawsuits against Fernandez’ estate, valued at between $2-3 million dollars, which is being split between Fernandez’ mother and his girlfriend who gave birth to their child last month.

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