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DONALD TRUMP Added As Witness In Billionaire Palm Beach Pedophile Lawsuit!


DONALD TRUMP Added As Witness In Billionaire Palm Beach Pedophile Lawsuit!

Who knew being president could be so complicated (via GoogleImages)

PALM BEACH — Donald Trump is having a hell of a hard time and things don’t look like they’re going to be getting easier any time soon.

The commander in chief has been placed on the witness list for a lawsuit between Palm Beach billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and Fort Lauderdale lawyer Bradley Edwards, who represented Epstein’s victims.

Not very presidential!

Edwards is suing Epstein for malicious prosecution and, according to Edwards’ West Palm Beach attorney Jack Scarola, Trump “has been identified as an individual who may have information relating to these allegations,” according to a investigative piece in

And, Scarola said Trump isn’t the only household name who may be called to testify because they “had a relationship with Epstein that would have at least exposed them potentially to what was going on inside Epstein’s Palm Beach home.” 

What was going on in Epstein’s home on El Brillo Way between 2001 to 2007 was a type of pedophile pyramid scheme where young underage girls were paid to bring in young underage girls, some as young as 12-years-old, to massage or have sex with billionaire Epstein.


— Read all about The Origins Of The Jeffrey Epstein Scandal here

Smack dab in that time is an interview Trump gave to New York magazine in 2002 that makes it clear he knew what the financier was up to.

“I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,” Trump said. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”

Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein (FDLE photo)

The pair had plenty of opportunities to socialize because Epstein and Trump had a good friend, Ghislane Maxwell, in common.

Maxwell was a member of Mar-a-Lago, and for a while Epstein had the run of the place. But that came to an abrupt end when “pussy” grabber Trump barred Epstein from the club.

The story, recounted in James Patterson‘s Filthy Rich, is that Trump put the kibosh on Epstein’s shenanigans after  a member complained to Trump that Epstein had approached his young daughter and invited her to his house on El Brillo Way.

Edwards’ attorney Scarola said it’s unlikely Trump’ll be called to testify, but it’s never good to get your name mixed up with a nasty trial like this one’s likely to be.

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