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EXCLUSIVE — Ivana Trump’s Ex Rossano Rubicondi Getting Evicted From West Palm Beach Home, Targeted By Lawsuit!


EXCLUSIVE — Ivana Trump’s Ex Rossano Rubicondi Getting Evicted From West Palm Beach Home, Targeted By Lawsuit!

Rossano Rubicondi and Ivana Trump at their engagement party in New York (Splash News photo)

flag-exclusiveWEST PALM BEACH — Strange times for Rossano Rubicondi, the Italian playboy whom Ivana Trump married in a lavish ceremony in Mar-a-Lago then divorced within a year.

Just days after the 45-year-old entrepreneur Rubicondi spelled out on CNN and other worldwide media his plan to open a pizza joint in downtown West Palm Beach, a local company that allegedly loaned money to Rubicondi to open a pizza restaurant on Narcissus  in downtown West Palm Beach filed a lawsuit to force Rubicondi to pay back the loan.

The legal paperwork shows Rubicondi, who married the much older Trump in 2008, owes $49,000.

And at the same time, the owner of a rental property in the Northwood section of the city launched an attempt to have jet-setter Rubicondi evicted from the home.

He is $2,400 behind in rent, according to the landlord’s notice on the front door.

“Oh, is that what the paperwork says,” Rubicondi said when asked about the lawsuit and eviction. “As far as I’m concerned, my (pizza) project is still on track. The grand opening will be about Thanksgiving, and it’s going to be very, very nice.”

According to court records, Rubicondi received $40,000 Nov. 23, 2016 from the WPB-base Dual Regal Realty. The paperwork shows Rubicondi used the money to pay for the restaurant lease at 105 S. Narcissus Avenue, where is supposed to open Rossano-To-Go later this year.

Problem is, according to court records, Rubicondi was supposed to pay the money back by Nov. 30, 2016, or face an 18 percent penalty.

The lawsuit was filed March 7, and he now owes $49,000.

Ivana and Rossano in St. Barth in 2008 (Splash News photo)

The collateral for the loan was the lease and equipment at 105 S. Narcissus, which means that Dual Regal could soon be the proud owner of an unopened pizza joint.

As for Rubicondi’s house at 3315 Floral Avenue, where Rubicondi started leasing in January.

A keen-eyed Gossip Extra is telling us a notice was posted on the front door this weekend, and it said Rubicondi had until tomorrow to pay $2,450 in back rent.

Rubicondi, in a recent television appearance! (Splash News photo)

Rubicondi was society maven and ex-Donald Trump wife Ivana Trump’s fourth husband despite the fact he was 23 years younger than her.

Court papers never mentioned what he was paid to let go of Ivana, but if you believe the recent filings, it probably wasn’t much.

Rubicondi told us last week he wanted to open the West Palm Beach operation before next social season then expand nationally.

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