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FLORIDUH Assault With A Sex Toy!


FLORIDUH Assault With A Sex Toy!

Carol Favuzza and Eric Pritsch are truly from Floriduh! (Martin County Jail photo)

STUART — Florida man Eric Pritsch, 42, has a lengthy arrest record, but no incidents quite as colorful as the one that landed him in hot water with Martin County police earlier this month.

Pritsch reportedly was having sex with his girlfriend Carol Favuzza, 58, in their trailer park home when Favuzza questioned his manhood over what the police report called “his apparent inability to perform.”

“You’re not a man,” Favuzza told Pritsch in the midst of what may have qualified as intercourse or merely a lead-in, depending on which of the two you asked. “You’re a mouse.”

Pritsch’s threefold response to the accusation, according to a police report, was to (i) punch Favuzza in the face, (ii) bite her on the right inner forearm and (iii) club her repeatedly in the back with a plastic dildo.

Whether Pritsch’s actions were disproportionate is a matter of individual opinion.

At a minimum, though, they were not appreciated by Favuzza, who ran out to the middle of the roadway and flagged down a passing policeman.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the patrolman indicated that both Pritsch and Favuzza were “[at] a high level of intoxication” or—in Pritsch’s words from the police report—“shitfaced” drunk.

Pritsch was booked into county jail for misdemeanor battery. It’s nothing new for him; both he and Favuzza have fielded alternating battery claims against one another.

Pritsch is out on a $2,500 bond with a hearing scheduled for March 9th. Fortunately for Pritsch’s case, though, a key piece of evidence will be missing from the trial.

“We did not locate the dildo allegedly used by Pritsch to strike Favuzza,” the patrolman noted.

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