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Donald Trump Forgets He’s Already Won Presidency, Holds Campaign Rally In Melbourne


Donald Trump Forgets He’s Already Won Presidency, Holds Campaign Rally In Melbourne

Donald Trump is still campaigning (via

MELBOURNE — Nearly one month into his presidency, Donald Trump continues to both confuse and astound.

The newly-minted president—who won his election just three months ago—has announced a campaign rally to be held Saturday at an airport hangar in Melbourne.

The next election is 1,355 days away.

Although Trump is literally years away from having anyone to actually campaign against, the event does have a sliver of a purpose in that attendees must register online and provide personal information including their e-mail addresses, thereby giving the Trump camp new information on supporters from whom they can solicit campaign contributions down the road.

It’s a shallow justification for what appears to be a largely unnecessary indulgence in ego-stroking. Trump, it seems, isn’t quite ready to let go of the popular spotlight he enjoyed with enthusiastic supporters on the campaign trail.

Trump, of course, will be hanging his hat while in Florida at his Mar-a-Lago resort, the luxurious Palm Beach estate coming to be known as his “Winter White House.”

Donald Trump doesn’t seem too concerned about causing trouble for his neighbors in New York or Palm Beach! (via

This is Trump’s third consecutive weekend at Mar-a-Lago, but lest one get the frightful impression that the president isn’t taking his responsibilities seriously, it should be noted that in addition to his rally, Trump will spend his weekend golfing with Ernie Els, a professional golfer from South Africa.

Officials close to Trump are mostly keeping quiet when asked by the press just why the hell Trump is holding this event, with an uncharacteristically laconic Sean Spicer noting simply that the rally is “being run by the campaign” and not the White House.

Trump was absurdly ahead of the game with his re-election paperwork as well, filing his documents with the Federal Election Commission on the day of his inauguration.

His eagerness is probably not surprising. After all, it’s the business of getting elected Trump appears to enjoy. Actual governance? Not so much.

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