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Home-Grown Crazy: Miami Beach Man Threatens Cops, Amasses Arsenal


Home-Grown Crazy: Miami Beach Man Threatens Cops, Amasses Arsenal

Ricky Weingberger, he’s dangerous but not Middle Eastern or an immigrant (Miami Beach Police Department photo)

MIAMI BEACH — A Miami Beach man who has run afoul of the police and city employees on numerous occasions was arrested for making harassing calls and threats against officers.

Detectives were stunned to discover a small arsenal at his North Beach apartment, consisting of 16 guns (including no fewer than 6 assault rifles) and 4,500 rounds of ammunition.

Sunday night’s was not the first arrest for the 54-year old Ricky Weinberger, who in just the last year has amassed charges ranging from stalking and harassing city employees to striking a woman. Police are left to conclude that the department dodged a bullet, both figuratively and literally.

“We truly feel our department potentially averted a catastrophic crisis,” said Public Information Officer Ernesto Rodriguez.

The close call unfolds against a backdrop of unrest in South Florida over the visiting President Donald Trump’s so-called “Muslim Ban” which was struck down by the courts almost immediately upon enactment.

(Oddly enough, the eerily perturbed Weinberger has turned out not to be Middle Eastern, nor an immigrant of any stripe, calling into question just who it is that Americans actually need to be kept safe from.)

Guns, Americans definitely need to be kept safe from guns (Miami Beach Police Department photo)

Weinberger’s transgressions were not limited to municipal employees.

In November, he threatened an employee at North Beach’s Deauville Hotel, and is commonly found to be armed when he attracts police attention.

In January and February, the less-than-model citizen upped the ante by making vulgar sexual threats against officers on an online police bulletin board, which resulted in the recent arrest. When taken into custody, Weinberger told detectives, ““Don’t rip the jacket or I’ll f***ing kill you.”

Heaven forbid, though, that the U.S. allow in any of those disruptive asylum-seeking refugees!

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