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VIRAL VIDEO — Woman Performs Oral Sex in Duval County Courthouse!

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VIRAL VIDEO — Woman Performs Oral Sex in Duval County Courthouse!

Jacksonville stripper Brittney Jones has created a firestorm online, and she’s pretty pleased about it (via Twitter)

JACKSONVILLE — Order was most definitely not in the court in a viral video (down below) making the rounds this week.

A woman identified in multiple media outlets as Jacksonville stripper Brittney Jones was visiting the Duval County Courthouse for her arraignment on the morning of January 19th.

She recorded herself giving oral sex to a man on a bench outside Courtroom 401, where the reading for her charges was to occur. Jones posted the video only briefly on Twitter before taking it down, but it has since spread like wildfire.

““HAD SO MUCH FUN IN COURT TODAY,” the woman joked in the comment affixed to the Tweet. “FOUND A WAY TO GET MY CHARGES DROPPED….Ssssssh Don’t Tell.”

Jones —arraigned for possession of drug paraphernalia—pled no contest and was sentenced to time served (two days in jail), fined and released. Because she is not facing charges in the incident, her name has not been officially released by police.

But everyone, including Jones herself, has said Jones is the one who did it.

— Read the latest updates on the case here

Her Twitter and Facebook accounts features lots and lots sexually explicit material, and she has a history of run-ins with the law, for battery (in and out of jail) and for sending written threats.

Brittney Jones calls herself a freak, and she says she’s proud she has the courage to an a life that’s authentic (via Facebook)

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is investigating the latest incident, and has concluded that the man in the video is not a courthouse or Sheriff’s Office employee. Additional video footage from the court’s security cameras corroborates the Tweeted video, proving that it isn’t merely a trick borne of creative editing.

“That damn tongue got me in trouble again lol,” Jones later said, one in a series of somewhat less-than-high-brow social media posts happily following up on the incident after it began to gain traction online.

(via Facebook)

And social media is still aflutter and Jones is hoping to cash in on her notoriety.

Time will tell what—if anything—comes of the investigation. If, however, the woman does end up being charged further, it seems a safe bet that security will keep a close eye on her at the next arraignment.

Check out the video below: 

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