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PHOTOS — ANTI-TRUMP PROTESTS Hit Tiny Florida Pro-Trump Town!


PHOTOS — ANTI-TRUMP PROTESTS Hit Tiny Florida Pro-Trump Town!

Is small town America, Donald Trump territory, starting to turn on the former TV host? An estimated 300 protesters gathered in Vero Beach today to make it loud and clear they’re watching the latest developments inside the Beltway¬† (Special to Gossip Extra)

VERO BEACH –You’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere in this country a more old-fashioned white-toast Republican town than Vero Beach, a small coastal community tucked between Melbourne and Stuart.

Yet, more than 300 townies gathered in front of the Indian County Courthouse about noon today to protest one of the worst first weeks for any president in U.S. history, a comedy of errors that included President Donald Trump‘s amateurish roll-out of a new immigration policy that had travelers, transportation execs, captains of industry and statesmen throughout the world scratching their heads in disbelief.

This being Vero Beach, where Trump garnered only 60 percent of the votes in November, a few dozen presidential supporters felt the need to counter-protest. And they did it just as respectfully as the anti-Trump troops.

The town, after all, is home to prim and proper anti-public education billionaire Betsy DeVos, Trump’s nominee for Education Secretary.

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Vero Beach Reverend Scott Alexander spoke of love and peace at the anti-Trump protest (Special to Gossip Extra)

But a local anti-Trump movement that started over the weekend with a handful of lonely protesters at a street corner mushroomed fast into what appears to be a real movement fueled by the same social media that Trump thinks he controls.

Our favorite scene?

Flanked by a heavy police presence, the anti-Trumpers started chanting USA! USA! like true-blue patriots, leaving the Trump supporters scrambling for new signature chants of their own.

WTF? It’s really the end of the world.

Never one to start a trend, Vero Beach is proving one can love the USA and dislike what Trump and his sycophantic coterie of White House wannabes appear to stand for.

Protesters outside the courthouse this afternoon in Vero Beach (Special to Gossip Extra)

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