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EDITORIAL — Tampa Police Showed Class In Classless PBSO Sergeant’s Rampage!


EDITORIAL — Tampa Police Showed Class In Classless PBSO Sergeant’s Rampage!

If you ever want to see undeniable proof that the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office is occupied by some — not all, but some — classless, uneducated boors much to the image of their boss, Sheriff Ric Bradshaw, click here.

The videos were obtained by Gossip Extra nearly 24 hours ago and show how PBSO road Sergeant Chris Caris was treated with the utmost respect by Tampa Police after his drunken harassment of paying guests at the Tampa Waterside Resort & Marina Dec. 10.

They show Tampa PD Sgt. Chris Ugles doing is best to keep cool while Caris is acting like a fool, showering the sarge and his boys with four-letter invective while handcuffed on the bed and daring Ugles to have him arrested.

How Caris ended up cuffed is a story in itself.

Heavily made-up like a woman, according to the main witness, Caris became the target of numerous guest complaints about midnight for making loud noises and throwing ice cubes on the doors of adjacent rooms.

When cops arrived after Caris refused to leave the hotel, he barricaded himself in his room with wife, PBSO records specialist Tanya Caris, and kept cops at bay for more than hour.

By the way, according to one of the videos, Caris had his service handgun with him in the room, and it had a bullet in the chamber.

Eventually, Caris was led — in handcuffs, like a vulgar perp — through the hotel hallways and lobby to a squad car out front while saying he is a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s sergeant who’s up for a promotion to lieutenant.

In the end, Ugles took pity on Caris and let him go.

While that decision was questionable at best — imagine what would’ve happened if the drunk jackass were, say, a truck driver or school teacher — Ugles’ behavior in contrast of Caris’ speaks volumes about the kind of shop Bradshaw’s running for a fourth term.

Ugles was obviously trained heavily in defusing a situation instead of throwing fuel on the raging fire, verbal judo instead of head-cracking, and psychology instead of attack mode — all of which are sorely lacking at PBSO if you believe the dozen-plus active unjustified force lawsuits pending against the agency.

Looking at the currently suspended Caris on the videos, it’s clear he’s another lawsuit waiting to happen once he’s back on the street. Oh, you know he’ll be back in uniform: He’s a rep for Bradshaw’s enablers and financial contributors at the Police Benevolent Association, and both his mom and pop retired from PBSO.

We reached out to a Michigan woman who called the Marriott’s front desk to report Caris. She said she was spending the night in Tampa while waiting for her cruise ship to the Cayman Islands to depart. What she got instead of the peace she paid for was a Palm Beach County law enforcement officer waking her up in the middle of the night while hotel security and cops tried to throw him out.

Nice publicity for Palm Beach County!

What Tampa police show on their videos is the fact Palm Beach County has the right to expect much better from Ric Bradshaw’s deputies. The videos clearly show it’s possible to be a thoughtful enforcer instead of being a shoot-first-talk-later agent.

Bradshaw was sworn-in again over the weekend and told his audience of sycophants that the 66 percent of the votes he received against virtually unknown candidates was a testament to the quality of the deputies he commands.

Then, just like you-know-who, Bradshaw started ranting about the media being against law enforcement.

Not a word about the four — count’em, four — deputies arrested in December in connection with separate incidents, including the theft of the identities of unsuspecting motorists.

Not a word about Caris, or the upcoming trial in the shooting of unarmed civilian Seth Adams by another sergeant who’s back on active duty, Michael Custer.

Nope, not a grunt about any of that.

Everything is hunky dory at PBSO, according to Bradshaw. No way the agency could do better.

Whether Bradshaw likes it or not, I don’t remember four members of the media getting arrested on the same month in the entire country, let alone Palm Beach County.

Or caught on video in the shape Caris was in.

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