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Woman Looking For Dog Shot, Killed By 83-Year-Old Neighbor With LOTS Of “No Trespassing” Signs!


Woman Looking For Dog Shot, Killed By 83-Year-Old Neighbor With LOTS Of “No Trespassing” Signs!

Eugene Matthews made it clear, he wasn’t up for visitors (via

BRADENTON — Life is precious and way too many lives are lost to gun violence.

And that is why we would never do what Rebecca Rawson did, go to the house of someone who has his property clearly marked that trespassers will be shot and 911 will not be called.

That’s right, Rawson, 65, went looking for her lost dog and found herself at the house of 83-year-old Eugene Matthews.

Matthew’s home is a foreboding place, there’s a mannequin decked out in camo military gear with three machine guns atop a guard tower and numerous no trespassing signs dot the property.

All make it clear that Matthews’s not really in the mood for visitors.

Still, Rawson, who wanted to be reunited with her dog Bart, couldn’t read the writing on the wall.

Eugene Matthews had a mannequin with a machine guard keeping watch over his house (via

She showed up at his house with her daughters. One of them went to the door, called the missing dog, who came and then collected the dog to leave.

According to police, Matthews also came to the door, but he had guns blaring.

Eugene Matthews

He fired a handgun into the air and one of the bullets went through the windshield of Rawson’s parked car, where she was sitting in the driver’s seat. It fatally wounded her.

She was taken to the hospital where she died.

Neighbors reported that Matthews was often armed to protect the potato farm across the street.

He’s been charged with second degree murder, and he’s probably going to have to fire the mannequin in the guard tower for dereliction of duty.

Close up of Matthew’s mannequin in the three-machine gun tower (via

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