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PHOTOS — Joanna Krupa Plays Grab-Ass With Polish Model In Miami Beach!


PHOTOS — Joanna Krupa Plays Grab-Ass With Polish Model In Miami Beach!

Joanna Krupa squeezes the Charmin! (Splash News photo)

MIAMI BEACH — Former Real Housewives of Miami star Joanna Krupa proves you can take the girl out of Poland, but you can’t keep her hands off a fellow Polish model’s butt.

Or something like that!

The gorgeous South Florida transplant Krupa got very cheeky as she cavorted in the surf with model Patrycja Mikula and kept putting her hands on the brunette’s derriere.

Or posladki, as a rump is called in Polish!

In Polish we call that posladki! (Splash News photo)

Mikyla wore an irresistible black one piece suit with so many geometric cut-outs and ripouts it was practically sheer.

She played up the air of mystery by donning oversized dark shades and keeping her hair swept back.

No wonder Krupa was getting handsy with Mikula! (Splash News photo)

Krupa, on the other hand, was pure Miami Beach.

A peachy pink suit with metal accents, no accessories but a her year-round tan.

What a pair! (Splash News photo)

Krupa’s trip to the beach wouldn’t be complete without her posing for selfies for her 946,000 Instagram followers.

Mikula also posted a snap of her and Krupa out on the town.

Wish we could be a fly on the wall to see what those two Polish girls get up to when the cameras aren’t on!

Patrycja Mikula and Joanna Krupa out for a night on the town (via Instagram)

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