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OPINION — Palm Beach Post Admits It SUCKS … Becomes A National Laughingstock!


OPINION — Palm Beach Post Admits It SUCKS … Becomes A National Laughingstock!

The Palm Beach Post says it needs you to help it do its job (via Facebook)

The Palm Beach Post says it needs you to help it do its job (via Facebook)

WEST PALM BEACH — The Palm Beach Post‘s call for help from the few readers it has left has made national news.

The dwindling daily used its Facebook account yesterday to find readers who could explain to its editorial board the Donald Trump phenomenon.

Here’s the South Dixie paper’s plea: “Did you vote for Donald J. Trump to become President of the United States? Are you willing to sit down with the The Palm Beach Post Editorial Board and tell us why? Please, email Editorial Page Editor Rick Christie at [email protected]

Wait, there’s more, and it’s even more embarrassing.

“We believe that a great deal of the current divisiveness in the wake of the election comes from a lack of understanding. We’d like to try to bridge that gap, if at all possible. And we’d like to do it without shouting and judgement.”

Well, then, I’ll judge and shout — especially since the pathetic call has been heard by dozens of political websites and gone viral for its shameless smugness.

I hope no reader agrees to participate to this charade.

It’s not worth it, and the supposed gap to bridge is as wide as a Trump hyperbole because of the newspaper’s incompetence, not the voters’ choice.

Judging by the comments and reactions online, readers think the Post‘s effort is too little, too late.


The Post is dying and likely won’t be around by the time the next presidential election gets into gear. What it needs is a priest, not lessons in Trumpisms.

The Post‘s job is to know, to have its finger on the pulse of Palm Beach County.

How does a news organization stay in the know?

By having dozens of reporters fanned out in the community, going to chicken dinners, parties, meetings, bars, union halls, city halls and Mar-a-Lago.


How many reporters do you suppose the paper has out there right now?

How about none!

With an estimated 30 to 40 news people left in the building, no one has the time to get out of the office. Besides, the passion for the job is gone from those who still get a pay check from the corporate owners in Atlanta, so why would anyone in the newsroom actually care about Trump? Or Clinton? Or any election?


What’s even more galling is that, every winter for the past 20 years, Trump has spent more time four miles east of the newspaper’s headquarters than in Trump Tower.

You’d think that someone at the Post might have Trump’s cell phone number.

Trust me: No one does.


With a local celebrity running for office, you’d think the Post would’ve assigned at least one reporter to covering the guy full time.


Besides, the historic Democratic bias still permeates the pores of the paper despite layoffs of hundreds of workers over the past eight years.

Like the Democratic Party, the newspaper got its ass handed to it last week, and it should look inward to find the culprit, not among the voters.

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