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OPINION — Unfortunately, Shamefully, I’m Voting For Hillary Clinton!


OPINION — Unfortunately, Shamefully, I’m Voting For Hillary Clinton!

WEST PALM BEACH — It is with great regret, while holding my nose, that I’m voting for Hillary Clinton.

And I’m not pushing for anyone else to do the same. But like millions of voters, I’m picking the least bad candidate.

Make no mistake about it: The two-party system is broken beyond repair. Republicans and Democrats have saddled this country with nauseous Donald Trump and chronically dishonest Clinton through a lack of elementary courage.

The GOP could’ve said “No!” to Trump whether he won the primaries or not, and send him off to a third-party candidacy that, for once, could’ve been successful.

Instead, the party that caters to America’s Christian Taliban chose the path of least resistance and propped up Trump.

Worse, the Democrats conspired to shoot down a credible challenge by Bernie Sanders through backroom shenanigans.

The tentacles of the Clinton mafia reached deeper into the party than I thought.

The result of this sorry two-party charade is a vote between — bar none — the worst candidates in history.

Trump and Clinton are both bad human beings.

They’re both power-hungry beyond anyone’s imagination.

Trump lacks the intellectual capacity and Clinton the character to be fit for the office — and that leaves the rest of us with the sad task of voting in favor of someone we all know should never be president.

Yet, I don’t believe there’s much of a choice.

Since this country lacks a third, or fourth or fifth party, we are not allowed to vote in favor of a truly outstanding candidate.

Might as well use a vote to defeat the worse, and there should be no doubt in the mind of any sane person that it’s Trump.

Trump has allowed crazy to go mainstream.

Trump has made it OK to be a racist, and announce it on the central square.

He’s made it fashionable to denigrate women and the disabled, and respectable to lie about historical, empirical facts.

And his alleged policies, which took him months to articulate because he didn’t have any, would serve the rich to the detriment of the middle class. Again.

God knows this country needs an iconoclast to set fire to the Democratic establishment.

But Trump is the wrong arsonist. He is the kind of guy who’ll also set himself and the rest of the country on fire.

I’ll take corruption over crazy any day.

So, Hillary it is.

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