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OPINION — Too Many Jerks Inhabit The NFL For Ratings To Stay Up!


OPINION — Too Many Jerks Inhabit The NFL For Ratings To Stay Up!


Without likable characters and compelling story lines, the NFL’s fumbling its season (Mike Jachles photo)

EDITORIAL — The TV ratings of NFL games are way down, and the socialist pigskin cartel would like you to believe the presidential campaign and upcoming elections are to blame.

Bull crap!

On an election year, especially one where no presidential candidate has the character to be president, anyone would find a football game to be a proper distraction.

The fact is, it’s not happening.

Sports pundits have come up with other excuses as well, including the anthem protests (Why should the Star Spangled Banner be played at sporting events anyway?), the concussion scandal and the extreme length of the advertising-stuffed games.

The slow death of network television has been brought up, too.


I know why this former college football player quit watching for the first time in the 35 years, and that’s something jockstrap-sniffers at ESPN and Sport Illustrated don’t have the guts to bring up.

Can you cite one, one single NFL star who’s a decent, nice, polite, commendable, humble role model?

Can you cite one football prodigy likable enough for you to sit down to watch?

Neither can I.

New England Patriot Tom Brady? Cheater!

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen (AP photo)

Hard to figure out who’s more surly: Tom Brady or wife Gisele Bundchen (AP photo)

Pittsburgh Steeler Ben Rothlisberger? Rapist!

Miami Dolphin Ryan Tannehill? Personality-devoid choker!

New York Giant Jason Pierre-Paul? Dumbass!

Carolina Panther Cam Newton? Showboat!

Ryan Tannehill

Miami Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill is no Dan Marino, that’s for damn sure! (Charlie Ans/Splash News photo)

Giant kicker Josh Brown? Wife beater!

Minnesota Viking Adrian Peterson? Child beater!

And the list goes on, and on, and on.

While there are some good citizens among the league’s 3,000 or so players, the league has chosen to showcase the worst of the worst.

Marketing surly, unlikable jerks has finally become near impossible — and the league’s finding that out the hard way.

Maybe the American public finally has grown up enough to be able to differentiate the type of unhealthy, anti-social hype that the NFL spews out from day-to-day reality.

Which, in professional football, is bleaker than ever.

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