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WHITE HOUSE HYPOCRISY — Meet The Obamas’ Favorite Foul-Mouthed Rappers!


WHITE HOUSE HYPOCRISY — Meet The Obamas’ Favorite Foul-Mouthed Rappers!

WEST PALM BEACH — While Michelle Obama is preaching from her high horse about Donald Trump‘s “shocking” and “demeaning actions” falling far below “basic standards of human decency,” she should remember that, when it comes to demeaning women, those who live in a glass house, albeit the White House, shouldn’t throw stones.

In the last seven years, Michelle and President Barack Obama have hosted some of the crudest, foulest-mouthed rappers out there, thus legitimizing money- and fame-hungry cultural influencers whose demeaning lyrics urge a generation of young men to grope and objectify women.

Like who?

There’s been Kendrick Lamar, the Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe singer who trashed up Sunfest’s family night in 2013 with an hour and a half of n-words, “f”-bombs and “c”-bombs the likes of which the festival had ever heard.

And this was AFTER organizers begged him to keep it clean because families with young children would be present for the Sunfest-ending fireworks.

We gon be alright

A photo posted by HotNewHipHop (@hotnewhiphop) on

The Obamas may hate Trump’s infamous locker room talk, but they’ve got no problem with White House visitor Lamar.

Here is a sample of his lyrics from Hol’ Up:

“Stewardess complimentin’ me on my nappy hair/If I can fuck in front of all these passengers … Back in this bitch in the the back of that bitch/ Wit’ my back against the wall and yo’ bitch on the edge of my dick/ Jump off/ I call a bitch a bitch, a ho a ho, a woman a woman.”

Then there’s Ludacris, a repeat White House visitor.

This guy’s lyrics include the self-esteem boosting song for little girls called Fatty Girl.

It's ludicrous that Ludacris is shaking the president's hand! (via Instagram)

It’s ludicrous that Ludacris is shaking the president’s hand! (via Instagram)

“Yo girl you taste like a Cinnabun/ so sweet from the thighs to the cheek/ sex on the beach check the size of my meat.”

And, there’s no forgetting White House frequent flyer Jay Z, the convicted felon who stabbed a record producer at a nightclub in 2001 and then married Beyonce.

Jay Z and wife Beyonce at Barack Obama's inauguration (Splash News photo)

Jay Z and wife Beyonce at Barack Obama’s inauguration (Splash News photo)

Jay Z, who’s worth $520 million, is a major campaign contributor and fundraiser for the Obamas and the purveyor of fine songs like the one called Pussy. 

It goes something like this:

“I-I know this girl we call her Sweet Cooch Brown/ Hands down Mami had the bombest pussy in town/ One dip in the girl pool, thatz all it took/ One sample of the snappa and ya ass was whooped.”

The song goes on to talk about a seven-year-old boy having sex with an eleven-year-old girl, which sounds a lot like child porn to us.

We love Michelle Obama’s sentiment when she said “When they go low, we go high,” but her and her husband’s track record of White House visitors doesn’t quite bear that out.

Call us old-fashioned, but we’re just people who don’t want to have to explain to our children why rappers who sing songs like this get invites to visit the prez.

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