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EXCLUSIVE — Could Anger Management Issues Blur Jay Cashmere’s Standing at WPTV-Channel 5 After Week-Long Suspension WITHOUT PAY?


EXCLUSIVE — Could Anger Management Issues Blur Jay Cashmere’s Standing at WPTV-Channel 5 After Week-Long Suspension WITHOUT PAY?

Jay Cashmere

Jay Cashmere: In management’s sights at WPTV! (Special to Gossip Extra)

flag-exclusiveWEST PALM BEACH — Some in WPTV-Channel 5 management have had it with anchorman Jay Cashmere.

The boyish Cashmere, who also fronts the newscasts on WFLX-Channel 29, has allegedly allowed anger issues to boil to the surface as of late, according to two insiders at the NBC affiliate Channel 5 and Fox affiliate 29.

Gossip Extra is told work pressure on Cashmere has caused him to lose his temper in increasing frequency in the middle of the newsroom.

“He yells at everybody, he loses control in an unprofessional manner,” a Channel 5 stalwart tells us. “People are starting to despise him, which might not be entirely fair. He’s a good guy, but he’s not handling being on TV with much grace.”

The latest: Ever oh so quietly, WPTV suspended Cashmere for a week earlier this month, the sources tell us.

And contrary to police and government jobs in the area, a private sector suspension is almost always without pay: In Cashmere’s case, the disciplinary measure represents a hole about $3,000 deep in his pocket.

He’s not returning calls, but Jay’s Facebook page shows he took his family on a brief vacation in New Orleans last week. A vacay provided, we’re told, the perfect cover.

Jay Cashmere and Ashley Hinson

Jay Cashmere and Ashley Hinson: Not on speaking terms (via Facebook)

WPTV newsroom boss Nicole Hogensen has yet to return our call for comment, but her boss did. WPTV usually does not respond to personnel inquiries, but station General Manager Lloyd Bucher says it’s all hogwash.

“Not sure where the info on Jay being suspended came from, however no such incident occurred. Jay has not been suspended over any issue at all, including anger management,” Bucher wrote in a statement.

Last year, we reported that New Orleans native Cashmere let his temper do the talking after a 10 p.m. WFLX newscast, and his diminutive co-anchor Ashley Hinson caught the brunt of it. She burst into tears and hurried off the set.

Managers had to get involved to get everybody back on the same page, and Cashmere and Hinson have been in an uneasy truce since.

With the revolving door created by the legendary low salaries at the station, Cashmere is slowly becoming one of the stations’ veterans. He’s been at WPTV for 14 years and was often seen as retiree Jim Sackett‘s heir apparent.

“He was the golden boy,” the source added, “but the shine might be wearing thin.”

Now here at Gossip Extra, we empathize with Jay since it’s not unusual for one of us to fly off the handle. But we sense he’s dealing with overly sensitive co-workers. So we advise him to watch this clip of Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson in Anger Management over and over again when he feels a tantrum swelling up:

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