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OPINION — No Palm Beacher in Panama Papers? Surely, That’s A Mistake!


OPINION — No Palm Beacher in Panama Papers? Surely, That’s A Mistake!

PALM BEACH — America today woke up to the news that hundreds of politicians, billionaires, celebrities, athletes and heads of states have been outed as tax evaders in the publication of the so-called Panama Papers, a digital drove of names of folks who’ve been hiding assets in tax havens, mostly through a Panama bank.

The info treasure chest has yielded 11 million pieces of information, exposing 214,000 shell companies and their principals going back to the 1970s.

But while the stories about the database dump have been distributed by the Washington, D.C., Center For Public Integrity, a non-profit that’s supposed to produce investigative journalism, there’s been no name of American companies or personalities in the otherwise boring articles.

And no explanation on the reasons!

This morning, the fingers are pointed at Lionel Messi, the famous soccer player.

Who cares? Finding ways to pay fewer taxes is one of the soccer business’ great pastimes.

Russian strongman Valdimir Putin is one of the them, too.

A cheating Russian? You don’t say!

Even the president of Iceland, whose name is too complicated to write, has been outed as someone who stashed away cash while his country is trying to recover from one of the worst bank-fraud collapse in history.

Iceland. Wow! No doubt the slander lawsuits are going to come fast and furious from Iceland.

Statistically, there must be thousands of names of Americans and their companies in the database.

How do we know?

Well Belgium, with a population of 10 million, has 732 entities named.

The USA, with a population of 300 million depending on whether you count illegal aliens, has nobody.

The Center for Integrity, which is funded by small private donations, must be taking readers for saps.

One website this morning even speculated that no American could be found because the database registered¬†mostly folks who trusted their ill-earned money with a Panamanian company — and American investors notoriously don’t trust Panama.

Yeah, right!

No multi-millionaire in the most greedy country on earth trusts Panama when they trusted Bernie Madoff?

We hope less naive real taxpayers will call on the Center for Integrity to release the entire database unfiltered, and let us decide for ourselves whether Americans, and Palm Beachers, are on the list.


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