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EXCLUSIVE — Judge to Lil Wayne: Your Assets Are Safe . . . For Now!

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EXCLUSIVE — Judge to Lil Wayne: Your Assets Are Safe . . . For Now!

Lil Wayne

Miami Beach singer Lil Wayne “forgot” to pay his private jet bills! (Gossip Extra collage)

MIAMI — A Miami-Dade County Circuit Court judge has just turned down request by a local private jet company to have court officers force open the doors of rapper Lil Wayne’s Miami Beach mansion and seize assets.

Signature Group, which owns the diminutive singer’s leased Gulfstream II, sued the singer after he stopped paying for the $55,000-a-month lease for the jet, according to the lawsuit.

And, as Gossip Extra reported exclusively, Signature won $2,003,200 from Lollypop singer, including interests and attorney’s fees.

(Splash News photo)

Inside Lil Wayne’s house: Would they seize the butler, too? (Splash News photo)

That was Sept. 2 and Lil Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Carter, has not shown he has any intention to pay.

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Worse: According to paperwork in the court file, Weezy is trying to transfer assets of his Young Money Entertainment company to somebody else.

So on Sept. 28, Signature tried to obtain a “break order,” that would allow court officials to “break down the gate and doors to the residence at 94 LaGorce Circle if they encounter security or house personnel that lock down the property,” according to records.

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The order would give the Signature lawyer full access to the main house, the garage and the grounds to inventory items to be seized.

Thing is, Circuit Court Judge Robert Luck has denied issuing the order.

“There has been no evidence presented to the court,” his denial reads, “that there are seizable assets in the debtor’s home.”


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